Recognition of prior learning

Question regarding RPL for CMT course :?

Could anyone out there please point me in the right direction of a website or if someone has a copy on the CMT course curriculum so I can start an RPL process. Having a difficult time trying to find this info out.

A website if available would be great to start with if it exsists.




Redman, I am unaware of any website which will provide you with the information you are after. I have been a CMT for 12 years. In my experience, the best way to achieve APEL (Accredited Prior Experience and Learning) is to send a Portfolio of Evidence to the body you want to be accredited by. Basically, get all your sh1t in an organised file; quals, CRs, experience etc. and send it to the Defence Medical Training Centre, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot. I'm sure that there are others here who can give you exactly the right contact details to which you should send it. If you are able to send them a copy of course objectives / learning outcomes for the qualifications you already hold, they will make an assessment as to how comparible the courses are with ours. Don't forget to include a nice letter telling them that you are very keen to pursue a career in the RAMC and you are just the man for the job! Just out of intrest, are you from Australia? There was a similar enquiry here recently about an Australian Medic looking for details. All this will take a while via snail-mail but it's the best way to go about it really.
Hope this all helps, feel free to PM me with further details if you need.

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