Recognition for Wootton Basset - air your views on BBC radi0

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    BBC Radio 2 today: Jeremy Vine (love him or loathe him) is inviting discussion on officially thanking Wootton Basset for its kind, spontaneous and dignified recognition of our dead.

    Of whom another 5 are due home today.

    Vine'shomepage (has link to iPlayer - for listen live and listen again options.


    Kicks off at noon UK time
  2. Just signed it. If the whole country could follow the lead of this village, the world would be a far better place. I take my hat of to the people of Wootton Basset.
  3. Interesting article in the Telegraph this week stating that Wootton Bassett aren't wanting any recognition

    Telegraph article
  4. Signed and re-posted the petition link elsewhere.
  5. That was in response to someone suggesting they change the road name to Highway for Heroes which they weren't to keen on.
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Not suprised - sounds like a cheap US war movie.

    As for the wishes of the good folk of the town - I sympathise, but . . . nevertheless, I move that HM the Queen, once all of this is over, should (without any reference to, or worries about the 'sensitivities' of her current shyster gunmint) award the Elizabeth Cross to Wootton Basset, who have mourned on all our behalf, the loss of so many of this nation's children.
  7. Only partly. The Mayor stated that the town's people weren't doing what they did for the 'glory' of it - and they don't want the High Street renamed.

    I agree with the sentiment that renaming streets in the American or Canadian fashion is possibly a little mawkish for European tastes, and I admire the attitude of the Mayor otherwise; however, despite the fact that this country's Honours system has been abused to a grotesque extent in recent years by the Governing party, there still exists a facility in it for deserving cases to be nominated by the public, and this is such a case. The Mayor's opinion is neither here nor there as far as that is concerned.

    Whatever the award, and it should be a significant one, I believe that the people of Wootten Bassett should be made aware of the appreciation that a huge number of us feel for their consideration towards the casualties of the wars, and that there should be no element of politicking involved whatsoever.
  8. A humble suggestion, perhaps HM The Queen could confer "Royal" as a suffix to Wootton Basset as a mark of recognition. It's is Her servicemen after all and would avoid any other recogniton being a political football.
  9. Like the idea of the Town being awarded the Elizabeth Cross. Maybe a small stone memorial with the Cross chiselled in to it?

    Either way some sort of recognition for the town should be forthcomming.

    However as the people of the town state, they are not doing it for any form of reward. Maybe news/radio articles and sites like this one are enough for the people to know that a great many people in this country respect them for the respect they show our fallen?

  10. Totally agree.
    Royal Wootton Bassett
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Seconded - probably an even better idea than awardingthe medal.

    Do both?
  12. Inspired. Bloody inspired!

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