Recognition for the wounded

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brandt, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. A couple of years back a regiment that had just got back from Telic 1 was being visited by a General. The entire Bn was on parade, even the sickies, which he went to inspect.

    General: "What's wrong with you, sergeant?"
    Sergeant: "Shot in the arrse, sir!"

    Which brings me to my point: We have heard a great deal about wounded going 'off the radar' after the end of the tour, for various reasons. Do we think it is about time that we issued some sort of recognition? The US obviously have the Purple Heart, but we used to have wound stripes in WW1 (and I believe WW2). Considering we are all about to be issued generic no 2/ service dress, should stick a stripe on the arm?

  2. We have a long and (dis)honourable tradition of looking after our wounded, which goes back to the dawn of time. For example, Napoleonic wounded war vets were basically left to get on with it. Many ended up begging on the streets with fewer limbs than they had started with.

    Call me cynical - but have things really improved much since then?


    P.S. some recognition would indeed be nice, but don't hold your breath.
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Nothing has changed there then :roll:
  4. despite the Yanks going overboard with medals and ribbons I am fully in agreement for our version of the Purple Heart or something similar. The only problem is that we rarely ever wear 2s, so why not a silver badge to be worn om your right jacket pocket flap on CS95s? Its too easy slagging off those on restricted duties or on the sick, so a "badge of honour" would be appropriate.
  5. And just how many in house walts would that generate?
  6. In theory it is also possible for a serving soldier to wear medals he's not entitled to, but I don't know of any who have tried- simply because of the massive kn0b factor if he was caught- he would almost get hounded out. I like the idea of a small lapel badge.
  7. I think recognising soldiers wounded on operations is a fine idea. There would have to be some careful consideration of the 'left and right of arc', ie. what exactly constitutes 'wounded'. For example, what if you caught a debilitating illness while in an OP for an extended period of time? But I'm just thinking aloud on that one.

    My suggestion - instead of inventing a new embellishment, why not resurrect the WW1 wound stripe as illustrated above? At a time when regimental titles are disappearing amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and rightly so) this is an opportunity to connect today's young soldiers with something their great grandfathers may have worn. In my case, my grandfather did receive a wound stripe.
  8. I wholeheartedley concur. The canadians still use the wound stripe system, similar to the WWI/WWII wound stripe. I think it is subtle enough, respectful, and shows that ALL sacrifices and hardships are 'counted'.

    Of course, I think it should be restricted to wounds received as a result of enemy action.
  9. However if you leave the services (invevitable really!) you no longer wear uniform, possibly something like a MID badge attached to the relevent medal ribbon?
  10. No thanks! A constant reminder is not what is required in my opinion. Getting over your wounds and getting on with life is far more important.
    Besides how many seriously wounded soldiers will stay in the Army let alone be wearing No2's?
  11. Must admit I was against the idea till I read your post that sounds like a fine idea actually. as long as we dont end up like the bleeding spams, medals for queueing in the cookhouse!!
  12. SGT T*** W***** RE leg blown off in Bosnia by a tank shell (well actually lumps were blown off both legs, and he later had to have one amputated) I had the honour of serving with him in Chatham (excellent down to earth fella)
  13. We have to be careful what constitutes a wound like retread said, i met a yank who received a purple heart for being injured in Bosnia in an RTA that he had caused. Personally think it should only count for hostile action. I agree it should be recognised but I would rather see it on the medal ribbon as we are starting to look like boy scouts with the amount of badges on our working dress.
  14. I would have thought an "understated" rossette (or similar) would be the way to go.