Recognition for Radiographers - way overdue!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ibilola, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. The problem of Radiographers and others not receiving recognition seems to be a an ongoing problem. I was on the BSc Radiography course in the early 1990s at Shrivenham and as a civilian I was based in the officers mess. The military trainees however were private soldiers and had to live outside the base. They were very isolated and even the Lieutenants on other degree courses (not the most humble of individuals at the best of times) felt sorry for them. The course lecturer who had an MSc, I believe, was a Staff Sergeant. He wasn't allowed to go into the Lecturers Common
    Room because he wasn't an officer!

    I remember there were discussions at the time to make the military radigrapher students officer cadets and commission them when they graduated. However nothing appears to have progressed since then. In my opinion the responsibilities of the job merit commissioned or at least warrant status. Pity then that the AMS has abandoned the Professionally Qualified WO scheme which could have been ideal for radigraphers.

    At the very least AMS should promote all radiographers to sergeant on qualification. :x
  2. The same goes for the other 2 trades within the AMS whereby the basic requirement to practice is a BSc: Biomedical Scientist (Lab Tech to the oldies!) and Clinical Measurements.

    Nothing has been done or will be done. Why? AMS, run by Doctors for Doctors. Who would want a lowly Tech promoted to a position where he/she could/would question that MOs decision?

    The PQWO was a good idea but handled like everything else in the Military, a bag of ballocks. They were trying to implement it to ever BMS (they were to trial it) from Cpl upwards and then dump them in the mess. Now I can see that going down well-NOT :evil:

    So rather than adapt the idea it was dumped. Anyway in this age of financial constraints who wants a highly paid Super WO on mega-bucks with a large pension waiting for him/her at the end of their career whenever that may be?

    So in the end we watch 3 trades going down the pan rapidly with nothing being done to address this or even the impending NHS Agenda for Change pay deals.

    Surprising? Nothing surprises me anymore :evil:
  3. Physios are all commissioned now, so why not radiographers et al. There is now a commissioned Clinical Measurements Tech, but I think he's the only one!
  4. He is the only one! :wink:
  5. It was not abandoned by the AMS, it was abandoned by the ARMY.

    The AMS were only going to trial the PQWO for the Army, with the BMS CEG.
  6. Ar the top brass aware of these concerns? They should be!
  7. Since when has this ever bothered them!

    These concerns have been banded about for the past few years with no resolution in sight. If these are not adressed very rapidly, especially with Agenda for Change meaning a significant rise in NHS wages, then the AMS tech trades will appeal to no-one apart from the pension trap boys/girls.

    The only rumour at present is that the DMS is "looking" into the Agenda for Change. Read that as ,"We will stick our heads in the sand and wait for it to develop into a real crisis!".

    Well gents, the crisis is rapidly approaching and we hear nothing!

    Over to you Neanderthal- any gossip from the corridors of power?
  8. The scale should read one to eight in my previous posting
  9. Also BMSs are now eligible for the status of Chartered Scientist, but nothing mentioned in the DMS about it.

    If you look at the pay-scale for BMSs it doesn't take into account the new Extended Working Practice (EWP) which can add on about £10K per year.

    No incentive to join up now as a BMS, unless you fancy emigrating to Iraq :twisted:
  10. Don't lose heart dui-lai!

    In 1888 WOs in the Royal Navy, who were officers at that time but considered to be socially inferior to Commissioned Officers, started the 'Warrant Officers Journal' to campaign for better pay and status.
    61 years later, in 1949, WOs were finally given comissioned status.

    So you may not become an officer, but your great-grandchildren probably will!!
  11. look, if you were meant to be officers then you would be officers!!! youre not so youre not!! not rocket science is it?

    Clinical measurements have an officer, ODPs have an officer, Lab techs have officers, radiographers have officers, there are even CMTs who are now officers!!!!!!!!
    i dunno,whinging techies :roll: :roll: :wink:
  12. Somebody has to ruin all this whinging with something resembling sanity :roll:

    I dunno FF, I thought you might have joined in?

    Sand got in your brain at last-there's enough space in there for a desert or 2 :wink:
  13. There may be many NCOs who have taken HND degrees after they have joined the army. The difference with Biomedical Scientists and Radiographers is that they are required to have a degree before they can register with their relevant bodies i.e. professional status.

    Therefore a higher entry point into the army for qualified personnel is appropriate (i.e. WO2 or Lieutenant)
  14. itd make loads of sence to have some jumped up x-ray tech or lab rat (ive got a degree which means i autoatically think i know everything about everything) with no mil experience coming in as a WO2 (theyre bad enough as Cpls!!) theyd be as much use as 2Lts.
    imagine them in the mess!! it would go from being the most exclusive club in the world to being like the NAAFI and officers mess.
    earn the rank and stop whinging spotty. :roll: