Recognition Aids

I am looking for some direction here…

I am looking at making a local purchase for some recognition aids, the miniature AFV, MBT’s and the likes, they come in 1:300 sscale.

Does anyone know how I can get my hands on the above? I have been told that they are made by a company called “Heroic and Ross”, I have made a search for them on't tinternet and asked the boys from 118118 but no joy…I am hoping that you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Can't help wondering if you're going for the right scale. At 1:300 a tank will be only 20mm long and it's unlikely that you'll get much accuracy on the finer features. For recognition purposes, wouldn't 1:72 or 1:35 scale be better? Of course, the 1:144 scale models at look good and have the advantage that they have been painted.
Micro armour thats what they used to call it !

I agree 1/300 is a tiny bit of kit. 144 sounds good. Problem is sourcing somewhere that does a greater range of equipments.
thanks gents.

The reason why 1:300? it's because carting around 40 MBT's or APC (or what ever) in any other scale can get a little silly. Also, 2cm look a lot bigger through a set of bino's.
I tried 1/300 found them too small, not enough detail for our needs, some poorly cast models were actually wrong with too few or too many road wheels etc. In the end I made uo some 1/35 stuff I bought on ebay, sprayed them up, and they do make very good (if I say so myself) teaching aids, but it does taks a fair few boxes to cart them around!

That said, if anyone would like to borrow them PM me.

Looking at the Quickreactionforce stuff at the mo for the binos and distance tests etc However it was cheaper in 1/35 due to ebay etc.

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