Reclaiming Veterans Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Veterans' Day is viewed with some cynicism by serving and ex-serving. I have no doubt that the initiative is partly driven by altruism and largely driven by a PR agenda. Nevertheless, it seems to have some popularity amongst older veterans, and it is seperate from Remembrance Day without the solemnity and tradition. It could be a useful way of raising concerns relating to veterans such as healthcare, campaign medals, pensions, UK citizenship for F&C and so on.

    I would suggest that veterans and veterans groups (with a help from ARRSE?) could prove an active campaigning force. Rather than simply acting as a forum for politicians back-slapping for photo-opportunities, it could be an opportunity to raise concerns directly and with enormous publicity.

    I would suggest that the issue of Gurkha rights could be pushed up the agenda for the veterans' events in 2007. Does anyone have any views?

    I assume the bit in bold includes Gurkhas.
  2. Ho de fookin' ho. 'Transferable skills'? Fat lot of good it did me. A 'can do' troubleshooting attitude is like a fcuking albatross 'round your neck in the corporate world. As for Veterans' Day? I cannot stand THAT word. I will not wear a silly little cop out badge with THAT word on it. Ten years' of the Bliar & Witch Project has made me so bleedin' cynical that they could send me an annual gratuity and I'd refuse to accept the fecker!
  3. I personally have no interest in being 'a 'veteran' or wearing the Blue Peter style badge that goes with it, but for those that do I wish them well.

    Interestingly, in the US, Veterans Day marks the ending of WW1 on 11 Nov. Remembrance Sunday fulfils this role on this side of the ocean. Do we really need anything else?

  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    I too have a hard time trying to see myself as a 'Veteran'. Yes I served and got a badge for it, no I've not worn it as I can't attach any significance to it with the job I've done, maybe others can?!

    I personally believe we should build on what we have, make the days which are already well known what they should be. Use these days to promoted our causes/needs.
  5. Ooh another souvenir! I'll get one to put with Mr Potatohead
  6. Now that's a badge to be proud of. In the meantime, I shall have to content myself with the annual dinner at the Squirrel & Truncheon as my big day out.
  7. The day seems to be viewed as a bit of a gimmick - a slap on the back and a little badge. Perhaps politicans would make themselves more aware of veterans' issues if they were braced for an ear-bashing rather than a photo-op. Some of the key issues are medical support for demobilised reservists, medical support for discharged wounded and injured, Gurkha/FCO rights of nationality, pension issues, campaign medals. Campaigns could be run to coincide with Veterans' Days to get more of a media profile, in a way that would not be appropriate for Remembrance Day. This may be something for the RBL/BAFF.
  8. MrPVRd,

    Have you considered applying for the job of advertisement writer in that organisation? You, Sir, managed to use the apostrophe in the correct place so that your sentences made sense. They signally failed to do so!

    Obviously a Nu-Lab organisation where no-one is over the age of 23!

    I would laugh out loud if it wasn't so bloody sad.

  9. Most of our current leaders in parliament don't know the difference between ex-service personnel & a bloke who sticks his arm up a constipated heffer while wearing an S10!