Reclaiming the cost of changing VRN from mainland to NI??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BuggerAll, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We have been advised to change our VRN from mainland numbers to NI numbers for reasons that are doubtlessly obvious to all.

    So far it has cost me £40 for plates (2 bikes and a car) and I've just been charged a £30 'admin' fee for changing the bike insurance - wait out for the car can't do that until later this evening.

    Are these claimable expenses? I wasn't going to bother because it was only £40 but now its £70 and if the car insurers charge another £30 its a £100 and I'm not made of money.
  2. Is this covered in Disturbance Allowance?
  3. Waste of time really- But if your advised i suppose you have too.

    Quite a few people (me too) including a few 'bad boys' in and around Armagh and Craigavon drive english reg. Cars are about 20-30% cheaper on the mainland, why bother changing the plates if its not a legal requirement.

    But if you can claim it back why not- just can't get your time back.
  4. You may find that as you have only been "advised" to change your VRN, then it is your choice to do so. If you had been ordered/told to do so, that would be a different matter.
  5. Ditto what the last man said. Changing plates for security reasons is now pointless unless your car is covered in regimental logos and you leave CS95 on the back seat. :oops:

    Loads of UK Mainland VRNs in Ulster now. The give away is the fact that you drive in and out of a base, oh and your accent.

    If told to do it you should be able to claim back, see the RAO.

    Just keep checking under wheel arches and body of the car, and keep it in a garage at night. That is the best security advice. :D
  6. Surely everytime you climb into your car just mutter "to be sure to be sure" in your best father ted voice and and all would be well?
  7. There has been threads on this before, it is only advice and only if your vehicle is of a certain age. You have to be careful reference insurance.
    PM if you want more info
  8. Keep the English plates. The problem is you'll get issued a brand new reg no and if your car is older it will stick out like a black fella at a KKK meeting.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Already done it... The vehicles are all current models.
  10. Not sure about claiming the cost or re-registering your plates but if your Insurance Company hits you with a 'loading' because you are 'resident' in NI then you should read
    Section 5 Northern Ireland Motor Insurance Refunds (NIMIR)
    How to claim and what you have to do are all explained

    My car of 2 years + has GB plates and I work inside a base. As said there are plenty of GB plates around NI now. Very few bother to re-register to NI plates but if do re-register make sure you can claim it back if the CoC only present it as 'advice'!!.

    Good luck

  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Oddly enough our insurances premiums went down on moving. (Portsmouth really is a dump). We were not going to bother with re-registering but although I remain skeptical as to the need/utility the official advise is to change.
  12. I have lived in Belfast since leaving the 'job' 15 years ago. Although I have NI plates plenty of my mates have UK ones........look around and you will see there are plenty of them here now.....and it's nothing to worry about.
  13. We didnt bother and we didnt use the psni station to park in belfast either as the intel at the time was that in the pub over the road a dicker just noted down english plates parking in there.
    The only problem was when you opened your mouth some people would literally pail at the sound of an English accent (the wifes not mine I am from the kingdom of Geordieland and speak my own version) and the hostility was quite bad to.
    All in all we had a bit of a bad time but it doesnt mean you will mate, just make sure you visit the Bushmills factory and enjoy a dram for me.
  14. we lived there for 5 years on a car with mainland plate & parked the fecking thing where we could