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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by blankspace, May 10, 2009.

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  1. For 2 and a half years i was in the otc and was paying tax even though i was not earning enough to qualify, then last year i mobilised for herrick and paid for too much tax than i should have. I learnt recently that you can claim tax back from up to 5 years ago however i have never received a p60. My psao says it could have been lost in the system. firstly is it possible to obtain another, would glasgow be holding it? Secondly is it possible to reclaim tax without your p60? Anyone else been in a similar position
    many thanks
  2. Stupid question from a Regular... Are you on Armynet? P60s for the last 3 years are on there and payslips back to 2000.

    Do you still have all your payslips? All your P60 does is summarise the whole year - which is much the same information as on the 30 March payslip. If you have those....

  3. Thanks,

    I have just checked armynet and for last year when i was mobilised i have a p60 so thats solved. however before that the p60 forms are just blank. stupidly i didnt keep my pay statements and armynet doesnt seem to have them.
  4. What's the crack with reclaiming tax? Do you just phone the tax office? Or Glasgow?
  5. You shouldn't have any problems reclaiming. I was in the TA whilst at uni and went in with my pay statements and P60 and it all came through quite quickly.

    Also, I take it that as you were mobilised you are TA so when you finished your mobilised service you should have had a P45 (I'm pretty sure I did when I came back from Telic in 2005). Unfortunately having just been made redundant I have my P45 to hand, which does show tax paid on it so should help you as well.
  6. Main problem seems to be that armynet dont have any of my pay statements for the first 2 years and i didnt keep them. is it possible to claim it back without either, do the inland revenue keep records or do i need to try and get hold of them through glasgow?
  7. To be frank, if you haven't kept the documentation, how can you prove anything? HMRC will tell you that you have to keep all tax documentation for a minimum of 6 years. I don't think they will help you.

    I have no idea whether Glasgow will help you; you can try but be prepared to be disappointed.

    I have a copy of every single payslip in my files. Later ones are printouts because JPA is incapable of delivering my paylsips to me. But, at least, copies are on JPA and Armynet so I have been able to maintain a >30 year record!

  8. What kind of tax are you reclaiming?

  9. please dont say you want to claim your laundry!
  10. Trying to claim all tax back that I've paid through PAYE.
  11. As would we all, given the option!


  12. I'm a student (as much as I hate to admit it). Haven't had my P60 for this year yet. Even though I've phoned Glasgow and requested a copy.

    Is there anything I can do?
  13. Are you on Armynet?

  14. You can claim for laundry - where do I sign up for that :D

    Next thing you will be telling me is that Starbucks doesn't support the troops on Ops :D