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I have one bank account that my TA pay goes into and my credit card comes out of. I usaly have £100 monthly DD to my credit card company, as i've not been paid this month due (pay from feb) to the JPA change over I defaulted on the DD, this got me a lovely £38 charge, now as I didn't pay this due to non payment by the Army can I claim this £38 back from them?
You can claim it back from the bank fairly easily you know, google reclaim bank charges..its all the rage thanks to Martin Lewis & co.

Hang on, you haven't been paid from feb due to JPA?! That's bollocks, we got paid Feb's pay on the 9th March! Its this months pay that's going to be late since we don't actually really know what we're doing with it yet. Someone's been slack at your unit I suggest, there was a clear deadline to unicom upload pay to Glasgow before (28th Feb?) and we easily got ours squared away and sent! Go and ask your Admin staff why exactly they weren't able to get it sorted since they had advance warnings of at least two months!
Definately something strange going on here.

February and Marchs pay run were as normal so you should have had no problems with pay going into your account (through the fault of JPA - blame your admin staff!!), and Aprils is looking promising to go ahead as planned.

The only concern the JPA folks have for Aprils pay is payment of spec pay, not the timings. There are currently frequent dummy runs going on to ensure all is well (I hope they dummy run pay me too!)

As you've been advised already, confront your admin staff.
There was a problem with the end of March pay run under BACS last weekend but, AFAIK, this did not affect anyone in the military because we don't (yet) use BACS.

Mongoose said:
You can claim it back from the bank fairly easily you know, google reclaim bank charges..its all the rage thanks to Martin Lewis & co.
Go to the bank charges refund page on

There is a BACS article on there somewhere. Apparently it wasn't just us military types, but a nationwide issue with the system.


I can only send sympathy to you all.

I transferred from the Army a short while ago and have suffered the b**locks that is JPA since April of last year. It wasn't ready for service when we had it forced upon us and it certainly wasn't ready for the other services to be subjected to it (in case you weren't aware, when the RN and Army were added to the system, we had 2 week periods without access to JPA......good job no-one had any problems then eh???!!).

My real issue with the whole thing is that even though some of the inevitable 'teething problems' have been ironed out, the biggest one still remains........the JPA establishment is faceless and apparently un-answerable to any higher authority. Granted, there have been some real leaps forward with the system, but I could live without them for the good old-fashioned reliability of getting the money you are owed. God knows it's claimed back fast enough if the situation is reversed for any reason (such as overpayment).

Few (if any) of the previous links from local units exist so that personnel on the ground can get help from those driving the JPA ship - if your unit has them then make good use of the privilege. I know I am not suffering the very worst of the problems caused by this organisation and can only hope that someone in authority can get on top of it sharpish.

Best of luck to fellow sufferers of those who know that HIV is not the worst TLA!


I don't see why this should be a case of punter versus bank. It is a failing of JPA, ergo HMG, to pay correctly and on time. In a civvy company, there would be hell to pay and the companies job to fix the problem, not mine.

Has anyone got a sensible answer out of the CoC in regard to this or is it just all a bit difficult for them to deal with? :roll:


AS far as i have been told you need to go to you ''Wager'' with all evidence that you have been incuring bank charges because of a directly linked problem with JPA. Once the brass and so on are happy HMG will pay the bank charges.


If it is a fault of the MoD that you have bank charges then you are entitled to claim them back, as long as you have documents to back it all up. Go to your admin staff and they should be able to get it sorted through the budgetary chain

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