Reclaiming Mess presentaions

Does anyone know where to find the rules on returning of mess presentations. My regiment is being disbanded and i wish them to return my presentation.
As far as I am aware you are fully entitled to request the return of your presentation piece. I would go further to say that the regiment in question has a responsibility on disbandment to make contact with all those who presented articles to them to ask what they would like done with the presentation. Most units quickly lose contact with the 'owner' of the presentation so I suspect they will welcome contact from you.
I once presented the contents of my stomach to the Senior Officers Mess in RheinD, but I don't want it back.... (I was 14 at the time and it was food poisioning from the brattie van by the NAAFI!).
When an unnamed regiment amalgamated a few years ago I was extremly p*ssed off to learn that priceless artifacts had been auctioned off to the ruperts with little or no attempt at locating donors....
I know when we stripped out BBK my aim was to return everything including all the memorial stuff to the donors but we arrived to find that the paras had stripped them out.
Hopefuly they returned them but i dont know
Maybe the last lot there can help???
c. Presentation Property. Property donated to the fund. Donations are to be recorded in the Property Book and are to include the reason for the presentation and the donor’s instructions for disposal should the fund be closed. An item once presented belongs to that fund, and the Managing Trustee is to ensure that property so classified is treated in accordance with charity law. If the property is to be disposed of the donor, if not deceased, is first to be consulted. In the absence of any wishes by the donor the property may be sold at a reasonable or ‘market’ value.

Authority - Service Funds Regulations Chap 9 para 0903 sub para c.

Hope that answers it!

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