Reclaiming Hazardous Duty Element of Whole Life Cover

Is it possible to reclaim the hazardous duty element of whole life cover?

Five years ago my original (and fairly cheap) whole life policy expired and I sought to take out a new one. The firm I went to offered a fairly reasonable basic rate for £100k cover (about £56 ppm), but as soon as liability for Iraq and Afghanistan was mentioned they wacked a hefty £78 ppm on top!

Through gritted teeth I paid up and have done so since. At the time, I was told by the Pay Office that no refund was available for the hazardous duty element, but it appears (according to one of the insurance comparison websites I have visited) that my RHQ bod may have been incorrect and that it can be claimed annually in arrears.

Before tackling the Pay Office, again, could anyone out there give me Chapter and Verse? Also, is the premium I'm paying a rip-off, or just a sign of the times? I'm off to the Sandy Place in the spring so dumping cover isn't really an option.

Have a look at CHAPTER 10, SECTION 7, SERVICE RISKS INSURANCE PREMIUM REFUNDS of JSP 752. Its all there for you.

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