Reclaiming an IRTC (Resettlement) Grant

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Interceptor, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Help needed from the ARRSE admin gurus.

    I left the Army in October and while I received almost everything else owed to me (outstanding claims, lump sum) I am yet to receive my IRTC grant. This is the story so far:
    - Applied for resettlement course.
    - Received authority to do course as resettlement.
    - Paid for course (£500) from my own personal fortune (?!).
    - Completed course.
    - Applied for IRTC using MoD Form 1748.
    - No payment.
    - Left Army.
    - Contacted unit, who say that all my documents have left them and they can no longer process the claim.
    - Contacted JPAC who say that only the unit can process the claim.
    - Contact unit, contact JPAC, contact unit, contact JPAC, repeat ad nauseum.

    Can anyone out there give me a hint about what to do next?
  2. Try contacting the AEC that you went through, they should have copies of all the relevant paperwork authorising the resettlement, then go back to your unit and resubmit the claim.
  3. I agree with Everton Luke

    Get the IERO clerk to give you copies of all the paperwork. Your pay office should then be able to give you the cash now that you are not on JPA. Pity you did not ask for an advance of 80% then you wouldn't be so much out of pocket.
  4. I left in April 2008, still waiting for mine, they did pay some of it, except it went into the wrong account and then told me to get it back myself...... solicitor is now dealing.......bunch of tw@ts!
  5. I like the idea of handing over the matter to a solicitor. I'm fed up of being given the runaround and I'd love to get someone legally-minded on the case.

    How much of the £500 would I lose to a solicitor's fees?
  6. The IRTC Grant is £534? This can be inputted into JPA paid the following month (providing the pay run hasnt been)

    Can your HRA not access you in the 'past tense' and input the claim? If they can, then ring JPAC and ask for the money, as it should be showing as a payment due.

    Just an idea
  7. Interceptor,
    1. Did you put in your MoD F 1748 prior to attending your course? Part One of this form need to be completed and signed by your IERO before you attend your course, this authorises the release of 80% of your IRTC.

    2. Once you had finished the course did you attach either the completed Mod F 1746 or certificate of attendance to your 1748 when you sent it in to your IERO to sign it off therefore releasing the remaining 20% of your IRTC?

    3. Did you at any point either give the paper work to your unit admin staff to enter on JPA or attempt to enter the info on JPA yourself?

    One of the big problems with service leavers is that once they have got all the signatures on the paperwork they imagine that it will all somehow get entered onto JPA for them just because it has been signed, they dont always realise that it has to be taken to their admin and claimed that way.
    Neither the IERO nor IERO clerk will have access to JPA to do this for you. They will however, have entered any paper work that the IERO has signed onto the PROMIS database. So all is not lost.

    As said above, you need to contact your IERO/IEROC, when I left it took me 4 months to get my money back and I had filled all the paperwork in correctly. Usually if all the paperwork is completed correctly by you and has been signed it will be back with you within a month.

    If you didnt get the certificate of attendance stamped and signed by the organisation that you did your course with then it may prove to be a bit more difficult but not impossible.

    See PM.
  8. If all the relevant forms have been completed I dont see the problem in the FSA getting authority to pay it out in cash or am I seeing things a little bit to simple and helpfull here.?????
  9. Nice idea, Ted. The forms were all completed but I have since left the Army and the unit haven't kept copies of the forms. As I am no longer on JPA, the unit seem completely paralysed. Also, I am a mere 140 miles from my last unit so I can't really nip in and ask for help/ask for money/smash heads together.