Reclaim your charges. Website attacked

Martins money saving website, the site responsible for all the cummulative knowledge on claiming back unfair charges from banks and other financial organisations has been hacked with a denial of service attack.

"The timing wasn't coincidental

Friday was the launch of the PPI reclaiming campaign; a massive new campaign to help people get money back on missold insurance on loans, credit cards, store cards and mortgages. With more money at stake than the bank charges campaign (which it’s estimated cost the banks up to £500m via this site alone) it seems unlikely it’s a coincidence.

When people came to the site on Friday, they just got an error message, it took us hours to put up a holding page.

I should note, I don’t mean that the banks are responsible. More that whoever did this was aware of the importance of the weekend for the site and to cause maximum damage they timed it correctly and as a by-product probably saved the UK banking sector tens of millions"

I'm not a tinfoil hat kind of guy but this has to be dubious

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