Reclaim tax for uniforms

Did you read this bit?

'One group that usually doesn't need to bother going through the process is the Armed Forces. The cost paid for the maintenance of their uniforms should be dealt with through their tax code, with their tax-free personal allowance being raised to compensate for the outlay.'

Some people will have 'Uniform Upkeep Allowance' on their P60.

If so, no rebate. If not, then apply.


One small fly in the ointment for you on this, is that as you are Army personnel you have an entitlement for the cleaning of your uniform at public expense. There was an attempt a few years ago by a number of personnel to gain tax relief on the laundering/cleaning of uniform. It fell flat of its face because of the exisiting entitlements.

JSP 886, Vol 6 Part 5 will give it you in black and white, but basically, if you have been issue it as part of your clothing scales, then the Army has a remit to clean it. There are various methods by which they can do this, they can provide washing machines and detergent for you, or you can hand it in for laundering by the unit, either way, if you aren't getting the QM to pay, then you are missing a trick. You wil not, absolutely not, get HMRC to give you anything back for the laundering/dry cleaning of uniform because of this entitlement.
"You have to pay to clean, repair or replace it yourself. However, you can't claim if your employer washes your kit, provides facilities to do so (even if you don't use them) or pays you for doing this maintenance."

That fucks you up ..... You get washing machines supplied in your block and I take it that will also apply to the Pads quarters so No claim for you !!!
Ohh that does that mean only thse stab b'sterds can claim ?
I did always wonder about this 'you get your kit laundered through the QM's' lark. I have three sets of combats - I can get away with wearing one set for up to a week in winter, but change them every 1-2 days in summer. This is a rough average of about two sets a week. The QM's here (and no doubt elsewhere) have a turnaround of about a week, but their disclaimer has always been to allow up to 14 days for return of items through the laundry system. By my maths that doesn't quite work out - either we should be issued an extra 1-2 sets of combats, or we should be entitled to the grant.


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Yeah but dont go with the RCN's latest scam. They are sending out a mailshot for a company that does it for you at 40p in the pound reclaimed. HMRC has a form for free.
Yes UNITE are doing the same, they really have no shame, the form is on the RCN website to download free, all you have to do is sill it in.
Indeed. I filled in a couple of proforma recently, one for uniform cleaning and one for tax relief on police federation membership subscriptions, backdated for six years. A month later, cheque from HMRC for £640 and my tax code amended.

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