Reclaim Mortgage Exit Fees

If you have paid off your mortgage you will probably have paid your mortgage lender an exit or administration charge for the benefit of closing your account. :? :? :?

[align=center]You can claim this back.[/align]

On my mortgage statement I noticed a charge for a "closing administration charge", on checking my Mortgage Loan Agreement I could find no reference to this administration charge.

On checking my mortgage statements I found that this charge had been steadily increasing year on year.

I wrote to my mortgage lender querying this charge and asking them to justify it.

I have now received a letter from my mortgage lender reducing the amount from £225 to £90. :D :D

the_matelot said:
Unfortunately, it clearly states it on my mortgage as being £225 to increase in line with inflation....
I changed my mortgage lender in 2000/2001 at the time the exit fee was £50 they increased it to £225, "in line with inflation", I wrote and complained, they reduced the charge to £90, I am now writing to have this amount reduced further.

Follow this link to find out more information, it gives a chart as to what you should pay.

hope this helps.

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