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I left then rejoined the Army in 2000(Out for 10 months) and now JPA only shows my length of service since the date I rejoined. Is this common practice within JPA or can we contact JPAC to add the dates of previous service and alter years served. If not surely this will have ramifications in respect to my LSGC, as JPA will only show me as completed just under ten years service. I had to explain to my CoC that I didn't need an 8 yr FCR because I was at my 13 year point, even though JPA doesn't show this.
If your JPA administrater doesn't know can I suggest you ring JPAC and ask? You may get and idiot but there is a small chance they will tell you who can update your record. I tmay be that it is not a unit job, but in fact your desk ooficer's job at APC glasgow.
Should have rang JPAC before posting here but I did speak to them a couple of years ago about this issue and got told it was not possible to update. I have just spoke to them and its quite simple really, its up to my career manager at MCM, so I am on the case.

Cheers for the common sense approach Postie.


Interesting. I left in 2004 and came back in 2006. There is no JPA record of me having been in the Army (TA) before 2006 at all.

Quite how JPA think I got to Sgt in 3 years and have a 247xxxxx army number, is beyond me. Maybe I should hand back my long service medal too. Obviously the 16 years I did before 2003 don't exist any more.

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