Reckonable service date,Enlistment Date,EED all differentWhat effects to pension-HELP

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by bluenosewrx, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Hello.

    I am currently at my 21 yr and approx 2-3 month point and would like some help from any knowlegable people please.

    I joined the Army and Enlisted(Attestation) on the 12 Dec 1991 and started Training on the 6 Jan 1992, however i had previous service in the Royal Marines when i was over 18 for about 3 months, i never completed training.

    My end of Engagement date is showing on JPA as 6 Jan 14, my reckonable service date was 28 Sept 1991, does this mean i should actually be discharged in Sep(Reckonable service) Dec( Enlistment Date) or Jan( EED).

    Thing is that if i ask here and its september then all likely hood i will be out 3 months earlier than planned, 3 less wages etc, or if i say nothing will it all go from the EED date,how will this effect my pension etc.

    any help appreciated

  2. iirc your engagement (contract of employment) is 22 years from the day you first attended training, that date is then entered on jpa as your end of engagement date (which unless altered is normally your date of discharge)

    your reckonable service date is showing "any service after the day you were 16 years of age under any engagement" as its all pension inclusive, so i'm a go ahead and guess 28-09-1991 was the date you tipped up to be a bootie the tiem you spent in that "job" will count towards your pension

    in effect your going ot get 22 years and 3 months out of your 37year pension pot (allowing for servie to 55 for the 37/37 pension) mening it will be a few pensce more a month than if you wer out at the 22yr pension point

    dont get all hungup on that, just be happy they included it all for you (the attestation date is menaingless for the pension only "days in service" count for it)
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  3. That's great info, thanks for taking the time to reply!!!
  4. Contract of employment is from your 18th Birthday or day you start training if already over 18. Reckonable service includes anytime that you served prior to your 18th Birthday I believe.
  5. depends on which pension scheme my info is correct for afps05 your thinking of afps75 but either way the leaflet entitled "your pension scheme explained afps XX" has the exact info (replace xx with 05 or 75 as applicable)

    you cna get a copy from your unit rao or online via google :)
  6. Just a point for clarity on the earlier service. The original post said that there was a short period of service in the RM then a break, then Army service. The earlier service would only have counted if he was (a) over 18 and (b) it was within 30 days of this subsequent service. My reading is that the gap was longer than 30 days so the RM service does not count for pension, even if he was over 18. The same would apply even if he had transferred to AFPS 05 under the OTT.

    The reason for this is that AFPS 75 (and AFPS 05 for that matter) have a 'vesting period' of 2 yrs. That means that period of service of less than 2 yrs do not attract a preserved pension, which means that the service cannot be aggregated with new service. For those of you interested in what happens to the 'credit' for this earlier service, it is normally 'credited' to the State Second Pension. I say 'normally' because it is possible to ask for it to be transferred to another pension scheme.
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  7. Awwww shite thanks for the clarification though, it was about 2 years and 10 months in between!!!
  8. I always hate giving bad news but it is best you know the facts. Keep smiling.
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