Reckonable/Non Reckonable Service

I just noticed this while looking up the business process guide on Change of Engagement - it states (amongst other things obviously):

Unit HR Administrator

2. View existing contract, for the individual to calculate reckonable service and inform Commanding Officer of any relevant details prior to manually forwarding application to the appropriate Change of Engagement Support

Are they really expecting individuals to be "up front" about this, "Me Sir, why no, I was not sent down for 3 months for Rogering the CO's dog"

How on earth is this supposed to be controlled, in the old days we had a ROS (Record of Service) wing at APC, apparantly this has now closed and MCM cannot provide details of NRS, any ideas out there on where we, as HR, are supposed to check for NRS (not withstanding the docs, as they are not always reliable)? Oh and before you ask, JPAC were about as usefull as tits on a fish.



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