Reckon I'll get in?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bingobongo, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Been reading this forum for a while now trying to find out a bit about officer selection. A common thread that comes up is, well this one basically, where a smart arse 20 odd year old asks if people think he's officer material and he/ she get's torn a new ********.

    Hopefully I'm not about to make the same mistake. I just want to know if, in the opinion of serving soldiers and officers, I'm the kind of candidate the army and AOSB will think is upto it. If this sounds a bit like a life story it's certainly not supposed to so feel free to call me worse than shite.

    I've always wanted to join the army (that's a given I suppose) and when I left school at 18 all I wanted to do was go to Sandhurst. Parents then convinced me that I should go to uni first and so I did. Uni really wasn't my thing, the course wasn't academically hard just crap. Not wanting to come across as a "rupert" but about the only thing I liked about university was playing rugby.

    In my 2nd year I got heavily into kitesurfing and left to pursue it as a career (which is what I'm still doing). I'm not proud I dropped out but I was wasting my time and money doing something I hated and I wanted to see how far I could go in my sport. I was only 20 at the time and knew I had time yet before I was too old for Sandhurst. On the bright side though I didn't fail or anything, I was doing fine I just hated being there.

    I wanted to see if I could get sponsored and become a "professional" and so I worked hard for it and now it's got to the point where I'm paid to kitesurf and train which is all well and good. Thing is I've still never let go of wanting to be an officer and now that I've done what I set out to do I want to go back to my original plan and go to Sandhurst finally (just turned 23 on Sunday).

    My question to you all you all as soldiers and officers think the AOSB will think I'm a shiftless little waster for leaving education to focus on sport and is this going to hurt my application when I explain that I dropped out of education to focus on something which is basically just fun with a lot physical exertion chucked in. I haven't been sitting on my arse doing sweet fa, I've been focused on achieving what I wanted to achieve but I'm just not sure what the AOSB (or the army as a whole) will make of that...

    Any thoughts, direction, pointers or help'd be much appreciated.

  2. Is this a wah or what? Still, with "wah shield" on, here's my tuppence worth.

    There is no reason why someone with a previous career (be it kite surfing, accountancy or anything else) should be at a disadvantage. Similarly if you left university for a reason you can justify (to achieve success in a different field) that should not be held against you. Indeed if you have achieved success that might be seen as a positive.

    However, you have sacked two career paths - uni and kite surfing- and may well face the suspicion that you won't stick at things. You need to be prepared to meet questions along that line.

    You need to understand that AOSB is a test of leadership ability/potential, so in theory it doesn't matter a damn what you did before it. But do you have that leadership potential? Can you demonstrate that (people may think that kite surfing is a career suited to individuals rather than "team players").

    Have you researched the officer career option? Any ACF/CCF/OTC experience? Any familiarisation visits? Anything to demonstrate to the army that you have a genuine interest in a career as an army officer?

    You need to equip yourself with:

    A. A thorough knowledge of the career that you are seeking to follow, and the sort of person that the army is looking for,
    B. Some experience of what life in the army is like,
    C. Some idea of the demands that will be made of you, in selection, in training and in your career, and ensure that you are both willing and able to meet those demands.

    As for your original question, it boils down to this: if you are a leader with the right motivation and commitment and, if you are a decent prospect for at least three years for the army, and if you can demonstrate that to the army then your past uni/job history will be of less concern. But you must be prepared to deal with questions about your life so far and how that informs the recruiters about your likely future.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    (wah shield off)
  3. No it's not. Learn what a "wah" is will you.
  4. OK, keep your hair on princess.

    Whatever the etymological exactitude of the terminology, what I wanted to say was that this may be a wind up, but here are my thoughts to assist the OP with his question if its genuine. Which I have then tried to do.

    Your contribution is what, exactly?

    I shall now go off and write out 100 times "I must learn what a wah is"
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  5. Cheers for the reply.

    Yep, I do understand that it mightn't look that good that I sacked other stuff in. That said the army is/ was always the plan. I just found something else that I wanted to do first while I had the chance so that's what I'm doing right now.

    Starting the process of applying for visits now but I've got a fairly decent idea of where I'd like to end up.

    Did CCF when I was a nipper but didn't do OTC. Planned on it but trained for rugby 5 days a week when I was at uni and played on weekends so that was me out.

    So far I've read everything I can find about the application process and what is required of me as an officer and I've spoken to a couple of friends who passed through Sandhurst in the last few years. Don't know everything I need to know yet by any means.
  6. Not a wind up no. Genuine as the day is long even if it did come across otherwise. Thanks a lot for your contribution
  7. Not being smart but if you type in AOSB in the search box, top right of the page, you will get more info a lot quicker.
  8. Rock up to briefing and you will soon get a feel for it!
    I'd recommend arriving by train though, they would take a dim view on your arriving via kite. You could definitely include it in your planning ex though....
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  9. Might be onto something there..
  10. The only way you will find out is by going to AOSB! Crack on with the application, if you pass you've answered your own question. Better to try and fail than not apply at all.
  11. Considered the TA?
  12. No, he wants to be in the army.
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  13. So you dropped out of University, rather than just change courses, to pursue a CAREER in..........KITE SURFING!!!! In my humble opinion you are either mentally unbalanced, ******* stupid or both. My advice to you is to commission into the Royal Corps of Signals, you'll fit right in. Good luck.
    Oh incidently, how much does a career in Kite Surfing pay?
  14. Sky's the limit.*

    *Bad Kite joke.
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  15. I dropped out of higher education and became a climbing instructor. It didn't stop me from joining the Army or being commissioned.

    Frankly, I'd rather have a leader who can make unconventional and difficult decisions than someone who just goes for 'two up and bags of smoke' (because that's how we've always done it). I can only be thankful that you weren't in the ACIO or on the RCB.