Recipes for “FRESH” while in the field

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wild_Weasel, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. I curious if there are any popular recipes that can be cooked up in a mess tin on a hexi-cooker, given the availability of fresh, with or without, adding items from the ration packs. I’ve read that rice curries were a popular dish in the Far East.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I have taken to bringing those microwaveable rice packs, a decent Thai or Malay curry sauce and a tin of mock duck.

    You should here them all bleat when I have a five minute curry.
  3. The Tomato pasta one sounds good: You can also get tins of chopped tomatoes with some onion and basil, might be as easy as carrying easily squashed fresh tomatoes, though maybe heavier. Pasta can be precooked, stored in sealed containers and then dumped into hot water tp heat them up again. learnt that from a seafood resturant.

    Seafuud: Take your tomatoes, your can of tomato puree, black olives, tin of mussels, or similar seafood, some basil, some oil, garlic and salt to taste. heat pan, throw everything in and heat/cook. Mix onto pasta, takes about 5/10 minutes.

    Best served with powdered lucuzade and yorkies.
  4. It's not exactly cooking, but I have always been a fan of taking a sliced loaf of bread (Hovis Best of Both is good) and turning it into Marmite sandwiches without further slicing the bread (don't use dairy butter, use marg or something). Once sandwiches complete, put loaf back together, put back into bag it came in, and squash it down as much as you can.

    If you seal it in a big sandwich bag or freezer bag it'll keep for days, and it tastes great in a sodden wood on Sennybridge on Day 6!
  5. Er... dial-a-pizza?
  6. Are there any popular condiments used by squadies to supplement the 24 hour ration packs?
  7. When I go in the field (and its very rare these days!!) I never go anywhere without my trusty tabasco sauce. Its the best thing ever. I love it so much I tried to drink it. Err, I was crying the next day........
  8. Tabas-go-everywhere!! This can make the most boring and mundane food into something vaguely edible, and with a litle creativity can can turn a collection of barely edibles into a feast fit for a king! (Well, a king whose pickiness has been severely eroded by spending seven days on compo on the Plain.)
  9. wimp ;)

    On a more serious note, nettles make a good substitute for boiled greens with most of the ratpack stuff, and you can't beat a nice cup of dandelion tea in the morning (unless you got a nice bottle of single malt to hand of course :$ )
  10. Pasta and Tuna (aka Food of Rebro Gods)

    Dried pasta, to be boiled and left to cool in a metal mug
    Tinned Tuna (dolphin friendly or dont give a f*ck about dolphins varity) i find the stuff in springwater is better.
    then mix squeezie mayo in with the tuna

    and hey presto, almost human scoff.

    takes a little time and space, so good if you have a wagon.
    Made it for one of my crew's birthdays on Telic 1 after about 2 months of menu B, he was happy.

    Also, good addition's for the top of your bergen:- mixes herb sachet from tesco 49p and Marie Sharps hot sauce from belize

  11. Tabasco, the one redeeming feature of MREs (i.e. The Gucci little bottle) Handy for tequila shots too. I know of one Scaley officer who hated tequila so much he asked to do a shot of tabasco and take a lick of tequila off the back of his hand. He didn't do it a second time.

    I've seen the dial-a-pizza thing done many moons ago on a D of E Assessor's course. A RRW Cpl (helped out on an ATC Sqn) about to spend the next 3 days in the Brecon Beacons was asked by the course director (RAF VR(T) Sqn Ldr) what was in his bergen. He stated clearly "Doss bag, goretex, one mobile phone, one yellow pages, a box of mars bars and a crate of Fosters." Sure enough, when it was emptied for inspection... :lol:
  12. If you have a pudding (ha!, you wish) get a mars bar (or 2) and gently melt in a mess tin to make a chocolate sauce to pour over fruit or whatever - Jamie Oliver eat your heart out.

    To carry 'erbs, salt and the like in the field use 35mm film containers. I used one for mixed 'erbs, one for salt and one for pepper. You'd better hurry before its totally digital and you can't get 35mm containers anymore.

    Dandelion leaves are good for digestion and are a kosher vegetable style leaf which you can add to a stew, as are ferns that are not too old and nettles. Dandelion roots also make a good stomach settling brew if mashed and boiled to death, just drink the liquid don't eat the roots.

  13. The tuna/pasta/mayo combo is one of my faves. Guess what I found in Sainsburys last night? tinned tuna with sweetcorn and mayo, pack of three tins £1.29 so thats me sorted. :D

    As for condiments, I always carry a squeezy tube of English mustard and add it to all my food (I swear it also cures colds!)

    Oh yes, if you havent got some booze stashed in your bergen you're really not playing the game.
  14. i always carrie a hip flask with a bit of jd, goes really well with the corned beef hash or a cup of coffie
  15. Ref the booze,

    Always have a bottle of Baileys for 'cheeky coffees' good for last light sitting on the trailer putting the world to rights chats.

    And a bottle of Ardbeg is always nice........

    Any one seen the half moon cut-out in the back of a 436 by the radios? just right for a bottle of baileys
    My CVR(T) smoke dischargers regularly had cans of becks in them (and my smoke discharger curcuit tester was made out of an old wobbley can)