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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Rincewind, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Guys and swobs....

    just got off the phone with an adviser at the Royal British Legion, as i have an ongoing argument raging with the inland revenue about child tax credits....

    seems civies in reciept of Disability living Allowance get more child tax credits than ex servicepeople on War Pensions.

    the War Pension and the DLA are the same thing but are awarded by two seperate government bodies....

    i pointed this out to the inland revenue and suggested they were discriminiating against ex service personel and are now looking into it....

    the good news also is that the RBL told me - as a war pensioner there is nothing stopping me applying for DLA as well.

    This is news to me and turns out i should have applied for DLA 9 years ago (no i wont get it back dated is successful)

    but just a note to say - if you or anyone you know recieves a war pension, then get in touch with the RBL and ask for a application form and some help filling it in.

    Finally the RBL are looking into this blatent discrimination bening adopted as one of their next "cause's"

    Rincewind out!
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  2. Well done for highlighting this important issue.
  3. Best of luck with this and Bless the Legion for their efforts.
  4. My pleasure - would just like to keep it in the forefront for a day or two so all can see...

  5. Well done that man.
  6. Thank you, sorry for posting every other post but would like to keep it up for a day or two so i know people are reading...

  7. Didn't know about DLA for War pensioners until a few months ago, 2 weeks ago got DLA awarded.

    Are you claiming ALSO ?
  8. WTF is ALSO? only just discovered about being able to claim DLA....

  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Allowance for Lower Standard of Occupation
  10. Ah i knew it as Lower Standard of Occupation Allowance. i used to get that until i retrained myself and started earning better was a good top up but the tree hugging sessions you have to attend were very depressing once a year to talk about "your feelings".


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  11. Excellant rince and thanks for posting this info.

    Jolly Japes

  12. Treehuggers: "How are you feeling ?"

    I say again: "I'm feeling like chopping you lot up with Loretta my favourite axe"

    Treehuggers: "Oh er OK you may go now"

    I say again: " Don't you want to see Loretta ? "

    Treehuggers: "NO, GO NOW........SECURITY HELP"
  13. They've just docked my ALSO because I earn too much but I've had DLA and WPMA for about 11 years now :)
  14. No they are not the same. They are two different unearned incomes and are treated quite differently in the benefit terms.

    If you are on a War Pension btw and claim Housing or Council Tax Benefit make sure you tell them the breakdown of the pension (it can include elements that will get you more money) and ask if they are completely disregarding it.

    DLA = free money effectively. It is not taken into account ie if you make a claim for any means tested benefit they don't count your DLA. Or Attendance Allowance...
  15. It's meant to buy you 'straining bars' for the toilet and other wee things to make your pain more bearable ;)