Rechargeable uv light (12v/50 watt)

Discussion in 'DIY' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Got this Light for CBRN Lesson's


    But its got this plug on it, is it ok to remove and put UK style plug on, or is it safer to put adaptor on ?

    No idea what type it is, there only two wires to the cable.

  2. That's a plug of the style used in South Africa, Namibia etc and is the equivalent of our plugs so it will be fine to put a UK plug on. The one you show is 5A so that's what I would match it with.
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  3. It's a low rated plug for special applications, it doesn't have a fuse.

    It's ok to replace it with a normal one but use a 5A fuse.
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  4. IIRC those sort of plugs / sockets are also used in camper vans, boats and some hotels as stated for low (5Amp) appliences. The hotels use them to reduce the ammount of power guest use; phone chargers, laptops etc.

    Only having two wires only means that it doesn't have a metal casing that requires an earth.

    Swap plug for a 13 Amp UK model but use a 5 Amp fuse.
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