Rechargeable battery / charger for MP4 players, phones etc

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. got a fantastic bit of kit and just wanted to share!

    i had to do a handful of 17hr flights recently, and wanted a backup battery for my Creative Zen MP4 player. it is dead handy for watching films etc, but even though the battery life is great (4hrs watching video) - obviously this would only do me for a quarter of the flight.

    so i was looking for an external battery / charger for it. i looked around for tech specs etc and did quite a search. in terms of size vs charge capacity, i was only realistically expecting to find something that gave me another four or five hours, to be honest.

    anyway, i bit the bullet and bought something called a Pines MP-530 battery pack. it costs £34.90 on Amazon and the link is here

    it fits in your pocket, has tons of adapters etc - all the kind of thing i expected. but what i did NOT expect was the performance.

    i plugged it in to my Zen and left it playing videos continuously - i wanted to see how much it extended the battery life. in the end, i had to re-start my test because it just kept going and going. so i charged it all up again and started over, listing every film it played and film length.

    impressive? well, the base battery life of the Zen is about 4 hrs. with this little gadger attached, the battery life increased to... wait for it... 23.5 hours!!! and that's not some manufacturers claim - that's me, playing it on constant video with full volume to see how long it would last.

    so - absolutely delighted with this bit of kit. i flew back the other day, 17hr flight, and when i landed it still had 60% charge left (wasn't watching vids constantly). i used to use a little charger that took 4 x AAA batteries, and for that flight i would go through the Zen internal battery, plus 3 sets of AAA batteries.

    not really one for posting reviews, recommendations etc - but this little thing has impressed the hell out of me. i would happily have paid double the price for it, if i'm honest. size, connectors etc - fine. battery life? fucking brilliant - "tick VG". :D

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  2. Sounds impressive,

    I'd like to see how well this compares to any of the solar recharge items. Apparently the place I'm off to has a fair bit of sunshine (you'd think someone would have mentioned it before now)
  3. ah, that little beauty might give an Archos some half reasonable performance!
  4. Blimey 4800mAh capacity.

    I bought something similar for about £20 which has a 3000mAh capacity and was impressed with that.
  5. out of interest, which Zen do you have CRCR or does it have connectors for the older Zen's as well as newer ones? Got a Zen Vision:M myself, battery life is starting to deteriorate so would be great to give it a reasonable life!
  6. Just about to order for my first 2 weeks training as a TA SUT... cheers for the review. Looks way better than the power monkey I've been thinking about buying, and 10 quid cheaper! Muchos gracias!
  7. i've got an old Zen Vision M myself. just checked for you and yes, there is a connector for it (4th adapter from left in photo). i still use the Vision M for output to TV - 60GB capacity and can stick dozens of DVDs on there.

    just for interest, i have now ordered a Zen X-Fi 2. does the TV output (which the zen doesn't) but has the size advantage of the Zen. plus like the zen, it's liquid memory rather than hard drive - so it's far less prone to crashing than the old Vision M. it's £129 for the 32GB variant on the creative website.

    so back to your question - yes, it's got the vision M connector.
  8. CR,

    23.5 hours ... I never knew you had that many porn flicks.
  9. I bought an ipod charger from ebay. £4.99 inc postage. Takes 2xAA batteries (I've 1000's of them as I steal from work regularly) and gives another 6 hrs or so on the ipod when watching movies.
  10. Thats an impressive pice of kit, value for money & small

    Thanks for sharing CRCR