Recession blue-on-blue stopped by Darling of all people!

Interesting article in todays Times....

Basic jist is Paulson (Fat-cat US brass balls type) tries to palm Lehman Brothers (American bank full of toxic debt and as much use as the RAF Regt) onto Lloyds Bank for a 'good price'. Alistair Darling steps in and tells him there is no way he will “import [America’s] cancer”...

I personal thought Darling was a smarmy puppet - maybe not!
Still not voting for them though!
I read the same article and (much to my surprise) found myself thinking "good on you Darling". The bit that really raised the eyebrows was the quote "but...they're supposed to be our closest ally" In other words, "but, we always sh1t on them..."

Much as it hurts, credit where it's due. well done Darling.
I have to ask. Would Barclays purchase have made any difference to our present situation, or would they now be like RBS et al?
Who knows but we have enough of our own mess a la HBoS to clean up let alone the US's.

If the US weren't prepared to back their own bank with their tax payers dollars why the hell should they expect us to buy it and prop it up. Hopefully Cameron will tell Obama to stick the special relationship and the US can get Sarkozi to eat their sh*t - he looks like he'd enjoy it...
Nothing to do with Lloyds already being earmarked by Gordon and Darling to save the knackered HBOS group, with its associated Scottish voters, as opposed to saving the jobs of a bunch of Septics who can't vote in the UK?

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