Recession and the US Election

Is the recession worth it to avoid McCain?

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McCain looks likely to lose the US election, in no small part because of the current economic crisis. The question: Is a 9-12 month global recession a price worth paying to keep McCain out of the White House?
Think you'll find Obama's Marxist leanings will be far more detrimental to the American middle class than McCain's capitalism as usual (with Palin's oversight of course). The market, regardless of who succeeds to the Presidency, will, after a rough ride, right itself in about 18 months. Mind you either candidate fills me with apprehension. So I wont participate in your poll!
This recession is the harvest of the seeds sown by Bill Clinton and nurtured by Clinton apointees such as Franklin Raines who played with Fannie Mae's books to maximize his compensation. McCain's problem is that no matter what the real causes (and there are more than one) the mass media are trying to tie this to Bush and the Republicans.

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