Recession and Nazism

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Now, by the standards of here at least, I'm a pretty liberal, democracy oriented sort of a cove. I don't mind chavs having the vote or women and prefer on balance the rule of law to some kind of post-apocalypse Mad Max scenario. I am also I like to think a man of decency, except where ginger fat women are concerned and that doesn't make me a bad person...

    However as the recession continues and consulting jobs are few and far between, I am starting to have a different perspective on the rise of Nazism. It had bugger all to do with the "politics" and was all about the economy.

    Because frankly, if an agency called me up today and offered me a challenging logistics brief involving the movement of twelve million people to final Eastern European destinations, with full package including three squares a day, executive housing, a natty uniform and all the gold teeth I could carry...I would be banging in a CV in which I made a lot more of my engagement with M&S logistics than I do at present.
  2. Not if I beat you to it!
  3. We'll see...and then there will be the small issue of "sippenhaft" for you to consider!!
  4. I forsee a few problems.
    Have you actually costed this variation on the "Final Solution" ?
    Zyklon B is probably banned now as being "a dangerous health hazard" well derrr.....
    The train drivers will want Danger Money.Not to mention counselling.
    The Liberal hand wringers etc

    However I have a contact who can source the uniforms.PM me your measurements.
  5. The issues you refer to will not be a problem. Part of the flow chart includes the box "Level ECHR to the ground"...

    Can you do me a 48L and size 91/2 jackboots? Oh and a 58 for the hat/helmet.
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  6. I work with a chap who has a 48" waist, he's called 4foot. :)
  7. Anybody seen this film?

    Conspiracy (2001 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Board meetings will never be the same again.
  8. Kenneth Branagh played Heydrich to perfection - it's not the bully boys you need to fear, it's the plausible, charming, psychopaths who can make genocide sound like a tidying up operation for a minor problem. Everyone in Germany before the war knew a good jew, but did nothing as their friends and neighbours steadily vanished. Ordinary men, who would normally not think of hurting anyone, became mass murderers in Poland and Russia, then went home as if nothing untoward had happened.
  9. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Getting back on track with the original post, I normally only get involved with eng/mgmt projects but would be quite willing to consider unusual circumstances. Providing, of course, it involved pikeys, so called romanys, Bulgarians, Rumanians, - - - .
    Oh, Eastern Europeans. Yes, I'm with you.


    Because there are not a lot of ordinary paid circumstances around at present.
  10. Not really off thread, but have just finished re reading 'The Kindly Ones' by Jonathan Littel...apart from the gay sex and incest which made me frown in worried bewilderment (why include that?) it seems to pretty well describe the process required before, during and afterwards.

    As an ex squaddie and with x ammount of years in civvy street, i've met plenty of people who could easily match the characters described in the book.

    In the right circumstances and with the right incentives/rewards/benefits, it's unfortunately,easy to see how it all happened and could happen again.
  11. Because publishers will only accept books that show gay sex as more acceptable than hetero sex (which is usually portrayed as tawdry and dirty and usually with a prostitute). I have read a number of novels recently on both the Boer War and Great War and they all had totally unnecessary Gay sex scenes described. From the recent exposure given to gay relationships on the soaps and Torchwood, one would almost think that it is all part of a concerted campaign....
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ever considered what would have happened if Heydrich hadn't been tit enough to swan around Prague in an open topped car then start on the nutters when their Sten gun jammed? Hitler quietly put out to grass in the Wolfsschanze, no invasion of Russia...

    But back on thread... I couldn't give a rats if Pikeys live or die but I'm in for the uniform. Have a look...

    250px-Bernard_Law_Montgomery.jpg 220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1969-054-16,_Reinhard_Heydrich.jpg
  13. Very sweeping and generalisational statement! Come here to Dortmund and I'll take you around Steinwache, a Gestapo prison and you will see that ordinary germans did make a stand. There are specific cells for specific groups/classification of prisoner!

    As it's the Naafi, ....tits, fannies, arse etc......
  14. Fair point, all about the book do they honestly believe that their typical readers of military history want to read about things like that?

    After years spent reading military history, both real and 'factional' accounts of most modern conflicts, it took away a lot from what was generally, a very interesting and intelligently written book .....

    If I ever wrote, even a fictional account of any war, I'd certainly resist over doing the sex scenes..what's to be gained by going into over long descriptions of something that is not especially relevant?

    In this case maybe it was the authors way of showing the complex character of Dr Aue?...hmm?

    Can do without that, thank you very much.