Recently transferred to new unit and now starting to regret


I've just recently transferred to a new TA unit in October because of a new job and had to re-locate to a different part of the UK.I was in the infantry as a CMT class 3 but have now transferred to the Royal Artillery unit.I've got my eyes on herrick next year as a CMT but i still need to do a few more medical courses before i'm deploy-able. I have been told by my BC that my CMT trade isn't classed as a phase 2 trade and therefore need to complete some gunner courses and the l/bdr leadership course before they will let me do my CMT class 2 course. They say that my CMT class 3 trade is a phase 3 trade and not a phase 2 trade hence why I have to do some gunner courses.

I've now been fu**ed about big time with my new unit getting me on these gunner courses and im starting to get fed up and want to transfer to an infantry unit near me. I know i've not given my new unit a proper but please any advice would be great. I just don't know what to do.


Post edited because I read it late at night and totally misread the CMT, please disregard original post and will now make pennance for mongness.

However one advantage about the TA is that you can to an extent shop around and move more than in the Regs. If you are not getting what you want it is probably worth upheaval now to get settled later, so a further transfer is not out of the question though it is an embuggerance for all concerned.
Your BC is talking out of his choccy starfish if you are cap badged RAMC if you are wearing an RA cap badge you are NOT a CMT you are a Regimental Medical Assistant and therefore need to have some cap badge related quals
Unfortunately (for you) that is the way of it, its the same if you joined a Corps unit as well, every soldier has a trade specific qual to make them deployable, be it Guns, missiles, comms, logs, OPs etc all dependent on the role of your particular Regt/Bty

Now there are a few routes open for you

1. Do the main Bty trade (Guns/Missiles/etc), then roll on to an RMA course, note RMA as Gunner units don't generally have RA badged CMTs

2. Do a "simpler" trade, like driving, not saying driving is simple, just it may be quicker to get qualified

3. From my experience a RA Regt has one or two slots for RAMC CMT, this is a Regimental held LSN not a Bty level one so they may have to speak to RHQ, I know this is true as we have someone who recently rebadged, however she was a LBdr with an RA trade etc before crossing over, this may be something they pursue however if you are a new scroat just in the Bty they might think you need to be around a bit more and show dedication, however by that time you would probably meet all the requirements mentioned to you in your post.

4. Forget about the CMT route and find an RA one and get to Herrick that way, I would be surprised if they didn't have a sizable showing in dusty place, I know my Bty/Regt does.

One thing I would ask you to do mate is think about what it is you want to do in the long term, is it

a. Be in the TA or
b. Go to Herrick as a CMT?


I have been doing medical cover for the Regiment for the last few training weekends and I have to do some of the medical's for the new recruit's that come into the regiment.

@Wellyhead - Cheers for you're input. I think I really need to sit down and think what I really want. They really seem keen to get me on a leadership course.

I know they pretty much ask me to do medical cover for the battery training weekend's and I have done medical cover for regimental training weekends.

Just a pointer, Regimental Medical Assistant's are now getting phazed out and replaced with just CMT's whatever regiment you're in. That's what I got told back in June from my instructor Sergeant at Keogh barracks.
RMA/CMT its the same course the certificates all say CMT or did in 2002-3 if your capbadge is RA you are an RMA what ever the scablifters at keogh think and it is not a stand alone trade in any corps if you are capbadged RAMC you are a CMT which is a trade in that Corps which capbadge are you you dont actually say I strongly suspect that you wear the dropshort capbadge and are therefore an RMA so you would need to do a capbadge related trade to be a) paid properly and b)deployable and promotable in an RA unit


... ,,, !!!!

I have given you some spares so go on, use some. After all, they don't cost you anything and it makes your posts slightly easier to read for the rest of us.


@BoundApprentice - Cheers mate. Now I fully understand. When I do all my CMT/RMA courses, would I still be able to deploy as a combat medic?

BoundApprentice said:
if your capbadge is RA you are an RMA what ever the scablifters at keogh think
Love how you put it!!!!

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