Recently retired SO2 ( or similar ) required

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ratty22, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Gentlemen.

    I am connected with a charitable trust, the objectives of which include the provision of housing and assistance in training for employment, to homeless ex-service personnel who are by definition, without either housing or the skills necessary to adapt to a civilian life.

    The trust has a sound financial base, a 12 acre farm, and sound accommodation for a limited number of people. The intention is that these facilities will be increased over the next five years.

    The trust's governing body, while replete with legal, financial, and other experience, lacks a member with significant and recent military experience and thus seeks a person who has served in at least the rank of major until relatively recently, to join the trust board on a voluntary basis.

    If you would like to put your shoulder to this particular wheel, could you possibly drop me a pm. and I'll pass on the full details by return.

    Location: North West.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Old Rat
  2. Why a Major?

    Why not a Sgt Maj or an AWS SNCO/Welfare SNCO/WO/offcr?

    What would an SO2 really bring to this party?
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  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Mustard or red cords and a bit of finesse?
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  4. Hello II

    This line from the over-view defines their view of their need.

    " Within the charity there is considerable military working knowledge, what the charity lacks is a trustee that can add the necessary gravitas ,insight and influence to ensure that the charity is aligning its plans correctly with MOD and services."

    So, in answer to your implicit question, no, it's not me being sniffy, rather that they are a switched-on group who know what they are after. Horses for courses, I suppose.
  5. Didn't think you were being sniffy, Ratty. Just genuinely puzzled as to why a (presumably) generic SO2 would be sought over somebody with some background in this sort of thing.

    I'm also aware that civvies are generally clueless when it comes to figuring out who to go to for, and are generally under the illusion a LCpl must be better than a Pte, Sgt better than a Cpl, etc, etc.

    A rather amusing predicament for one SO2 I accompanied on a visit once. In the end said SO2 told civvie, just ask the SSgt here, anything he says I'll go with - after spending about 40 mins 'interpreting' questions between the civvie and myself.
  6. You forgot the elderly, incontinent Lab or the hyperactive Springer! It's one or t'other....

  7. Good Evening

    And some retired Major - Lt Col will have the gravitas / insight and influence with MOD - (what for no pay)

    Why do they want to align with MOD any way

  8. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I have to say that there is a certain amount of shooting the messenger going on here!

    Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, I don't think many can argue that the parts of the military that this charity will be in touch with are likely to be at the SO2/SO1 level. By the fact that they're employed in a RF/welfare post, they're also hardly at the cutting edge and therefore will have a high likelihood of crustiness. In my experience this can often include a certain degree of over inflated rank conciousness. To me it therefore makes sense for the charity to try and have someone on the board of trustees of a similar ilk who can deal with them without any status 'issues'.

    Of course the problem is that no retired officer would dream of living in the North West .......
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  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    No, but I do and I was an RCT full screw. If it's gravitas and dignity you are looking for.

    And I am a respectable businessman.

    Shame I'm just about to go on the lamb in Donnegal to escape the clutches of OFCOM who want a word with me for distributing vile pornography in places where minors can see it and have started bandying about the words "£35 grand fine."
  10. When you look at what is required, then it's essentially a senior programme managers role. The persons not going to do all that themselves, they are going to orchestrate it.

    Judging by the requirements there is an immediate need for action, so the ability to quickly assimilate the working knowledge of a new system is imperative. The person will no doubt have oversight of a team, which they will need to drive, so effective communication skills and they will need to strategise for the future as well as structure as they move forward. Couple this with budgets to manage/awareness, marketing and a large degree of project management as well as dealing with a number of stakeholders.

    This easily falls into SO2 territory, much of the desirability attributes are gained through experience an SO3 won't have that and a WO is more suited to specialised project management.

    Smart companies who take on ex military personnel will tease out the skills of different ranks to aid their resourcing. All the charity have done is switch it round and aligned their requirements to a known military appointment and skill set.
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  11. You've been writing job applications, haven't you?
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  12. No, I've been reading job applications ;-)
  13. I know well one ex WO1 who is CEO of a very successful expanding FM business, two in senior executive appointments with blue chip companies and one who is a millionaire several times over from a trading business. A good friend of mine, who I first met as a Corporal in my Squadron is a partner in a major London law firm. There are also plenty of ex-officers who have done very well. But, when I was last in a role the recruited regularly, I was frequently pestered by ex SO2s who were frankly almost unemployable.

    In my view, there is almost no correlation whatsoever between rank held in the forces and ability to succeed in the real world. By targeting an ex SO2, this charity is limiting the talent pool who will respond to those few ex Majors who can't compete for a "real" job. Not clever.
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    It's voluntary - not a job
  15. Even less reason to narrow the recruitment pool.