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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chaddy22, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. After being fobbed off numerous amount of times by my DO, I decided to apply for early release after being in the navy for 18 months because they wouldn't let my side ways transfer due to a shortage of people for the trade i was.
    Ive currently been a civvi for 2 weeks now and plan on going into the careers office tomorrow to apply for the infantry. Im just wondering how much simpler would this process be for me due too my records already being on file. And would i miss any steps out of the normal process or do it all what wouldn't be a problem.
  2. Thanks for the advice, will take it into consideration :)
  3. Your classed a a RE-JOINER as served in the field force and a lot more things to do including 203 cleared first, take all your service records into the ACIO and they can explain the procedure better, have a look at the 203 thread on here that has some good info from a few in the know and unfortunately lots of dribble.
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    Can I have your IPod?
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    You do know that you're being far too helpful to an "Andrew Gaylord Wannabe" don't you?
  6. You never know when i might need a noose knotting when i get posted to Civ Div
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  7. I was once fobbed off by my DO.

    'Never again', I thought. 'Never again will I let myself be fobbed off by my DO.'
  8. 18 months in the RN? I spent longer on the crest of one wave.

    You don't have any RIGHT to branch change so clearly if they wouldn't let you transfer because there was a shortage in your trade you weren't being fobbed off, you were being told the truth, which you were unable to accept. Either that or you were a right throbber in which case your DO probably just couldn't be bothered with you.

    If you can't hack one bloke fobbing you off in your 'lengthy' naval career, should you then succeed in joining the Percy, I reckon you're in for a shock about how much dicking around you'll get as a matter of course.

    If you are wanting to join the infantry then I somehow get the feeling you don't have the qualifications or skills to go for a trade job, so if you fail to get into the army you will have thrown a good career away for **** all, and somebody with no qualifications is going to struggle to earn decent money in civvy strasse, especially compared to what you get in the mob.
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  9. You're a right little ray of ******* sunshine, you Jimmy, aren't you.
  10. The sun shines out of my puckered starfish, don'tya know.
  11. Jimmy, I bet you are not a stranger to the taste of a man's working parts.
  12. That's told him then eh? I have a feeling you have re-enforced his belief that he has made the right move
  13. Everybody gets fucked about in the mob at one time or another. For him he wanted something and didn't get it 'cos the system said 'no', so he blamed his DO.

  14. Get off your high horse, he has done something about it and acted accordingly rather than treading water and behaving like a dripping big one.Is no one allowed a career change on planet Jimmy?
  15. Branch changes are down to the needs of the service, if there is a shortage in the trade someone is in then they won't be allowed to change, which is what has happened. The OP is blaming his DO for not letting him change when his DO may well have put his case forward and been told that it's not going to happen. Matey buoy has thrown a hissy fit and blamed his DO for it.

    For me, from joining up on day one, going through part one basic training, parts 2 & 3 trade training, specific equipment training courses and leave periods, it was the best part of 11 months before I joined my first ship and started to do the job I'd joined up for. I was no different to anybody else in my trade group. The OP is a civvy after 18 months, so allowing for a similar amount of time to join his ship, the application and waiting time to find out if he could branch change, the time it would have taken from requesting PVR to leaving the mob, it doesn't really leave much time for him to have actually experienced much of his trade before deciding he didn't like it. A bit like someone in the army joining the Royal Signals and a couple of months after leaving Blandford and joining his field unit, wanting to drive tanks. Do you really think they'd allow that to happen if there was a shortage of signallers?

    The OP wasn't treading water 'cos he hadn't gone in deep enough to get his ankles wet, and as for a 'dripping big one', he certainly is dripping about his DO because he couldn't accept the answer he was given, which was NO.

    Instead of a 'I didn't get my own way and it's my DO's fault...' type of post, perhaps it might have sounded better (to me at least) if it was along the lines of 'I joined the Navy and within a couple of months of joining my first ship I quickly realised I didn't like the trade I was in but due to the needs of the service I wasn't permitted to change branch. I therefore decided to leave and look for something that will be more suitable and have decided I'd like to join the infantry. I'd like a bit of advice from all of you sage ARRSErs...'

    No teddy out of the pram, no blaming his DO for something the system wouldn't allow to happen.

    Maybe he couldn't take all those hilarious jokes about ipods and decided he wanted to join the army so all those roughty-toughty pongos would stop picking on him.