recently became a veggie.......

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by squiffy, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. after being a carnivore for ever, i have recently turned to veggie-ism. i'm not a lefty tree-huggger, my views are still the same as ever

    i still look longingly in the butchers shop window and the smell of bacon banjo's make me drool. i know the why's and wherefores of vegetarianism has been done to death on previous threads and i'm not going down that line, but i'm wondering if there are more serving/ex serving forum-ites out there who have said goodbye to meat.

    i know i have stuck my head above the parapet here to be shot at, but i've done my will....
  2. ******* homo
  3. Eat Marmite!!!!
  4. Bigbird, don't give the lightweight **** excuses to stick to this travesty of a diet.

    Squiffy, get some Vegemite, those weirdo veggy fucks swear by it. Leave the marmite to us real men and bints.

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  5. Why?

  6. You total arrse.

    Fill yer boots with that Quorn shite, if you must. But why the silly decision? Sounds to me that you are not even succeeding in fooling yourself.
  7. Good luck with your battle against this insidious eating disorder. Are you going to try for Bulimia or Anorexia as well?
  8. .............. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back on topic.

    I went veggie about 14 years ago, whilst still in. To offer you a morsel of comfort regarding the smell of bacon; you get over it after about 12 years. :-D

    Technically I'm not a veggie as I still eat fish, apparently that makes me something called a pescatarian, whatever the **** that is.
  9. i just cant understand why anyone would want to choose not to eat meat?
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  11. There you go.

    But the thread isn't questioning ethics, choices or otherwise. The OP simply asked about other veggies.
  12. ******* Fairy!! Your shits gonna stink like an old hippy
  13. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'm an enforced veggie - having married a veggie who does most of the cooking. Saying that saturday mornings tend to be a fryup with extra dead stuff which I do myself..;)

    To be honest I don't miss meat during the week, most of what we eat either doesn't have meat in it anyway, or the substitute stuff isn't too bad (enough chilli or curry powder and you won't tell the difference).

  14. i'm entitled to an opinion arnt i? its not that i disagree with vegetarianism, a friends dad (veggie) must be one of the healthiest blokes ive ever met but he's been a veggie all his life, i just find it hard to understand that someone who has enjoyed eating meat in the past would want to choose to no longer enjoy it?
  15. I didn't dispute your entitlement to an opinion. I simply turned the question around. Either way the question is valid, but why think your side of the question is superior?