Recent speech by Admiral Stanhope

Apologise if this has been posted,

It is always interesting to read the other services HOD's contribution to UK defence & Global strategic approach's to conflicts and the ability to deal with issue's home and abroad, seeing as there is a RAF contribution in CA reading Mr Stanhopes recent contribution makes interesting reading, here's a short excerpt for example:

As Chief of the General Staff, David shares my understanding of the benefits of a balanced force, just as he has seen first hand how that range of capabilities offers strategic choice to Government, as well as increasing the military options available to Force Commanders.

My points are these:

Firstly, all 3 Services had their part to play in countering this particular insurgency – just as they do in Afghanistan - and all contributed to the ultimate success of the mission. Mission success and a balanced suite of military capabilities tend to go hand in hand.

Secondly, all conflicts are inevitably different, as are the scope and duration of the UK’s engagement in each conflict.

Thirdly, a capable navy with a global presence not only supported the operation, but also shaped it. Maritime power played its part in allowing a relatively small force of ground troops to achieve superiority in critical areas of our choosing.
I know nothing about Admiral Stanhope, but last night I had to listen to Mr. West! What a 'knob-headed', self-satisfied, 'toss-wit'?

I paid for this 'privilege' before I learned this 'chancer' was to be 'Guest of Honour'.

A private occasion - expensive into the bargain - sh*t upon by a Brown Bum-Licker, who regaled the 180 guests with Brown-type meaningless, 'I have', 'statistics'!
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