Recent RLC Pay Review?

What recent RLC pay review?

I think the easy answer is:  If it was a pay rise they would have advertised it;  If they are generally seeing the boys off they'll keep it quiet.
Can anyone up in those ivory towers explain to me why a corpral in the RLC Radio trade can earn more than a Sgt RSI.
JNCO's and SNCO's apart from Sgt are on the higher band. Is this the way to acknowledge tradesmen for the experience they have gained over the years and retain them?????????????, or is it just another pay 2000 money saving aid.
All RLC RSI's work very hard to gain the knowledge and experience they have only to go down a pay band on promotion!!!!!!!
Privates, Sgts and SSgt in the Dvr/Rad Op trade are all on the lower band. Cpl's get paid more than Sgt's, because the review came into effect last year, and all Cpl's jumped straight into the same level on the higher range, e.g. a Cpl (last year) on lower level 6 (£66.32) jumped straight to higher level 6 (72.71). This increase immediaetly put them abovemany of their Sgt's. This was very bad for morale. It will in the long term even out, and no Cpl promoted to Sgt will take a pay loss.
I was very lucky as I was promoted to Sgt last year, and on promotion, jumped straight to lower level 6, because of the min of 2% pay increase rule. This is a bummer for the level 2 SSgt's, as I now earn more then them, which is also totally unfair.
Having just passed my BOWMAN System Managers (BSM) course, I can tell all you budding Rad Ops that the job is about to get 10 times more difficult and with a vast amount of planning and responsibility put on the BSM (SNCO and WO level). I understand that there might be a trade review underway soon to look at this.

Any thought anyone :)
I am not 100% sure but I don,t think the pay review has been completed yet. I agree with baggy that the job is about to get alot harder. Not only do they need to sort out the pay anomilies so as to stop certain ranks feeling that they are being shafted but they also need to address the issue of paying us correctly for the much more technically demanding job that we now have.

I would suggest that if anyone is visited by the pay review commitee they voice their opinions strongly.
Well, higher band all except T2 LCpl Ammo Techs, who are of course just oxygen thieves and only fit to be used as toast racks, doorstops and non conductive dunnage :p