Recent Photos, Sangin District central/ FOB Jackson

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Dollsteeth, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, i was wondering if anyone had any recent pics of Sangin, mainly the main building, especially the interior, interested to see its current make-up.


  2. Very clever. Why not ask for patrol routes and timings as well.

  3. Shut up you ******* smoker, that isnt a breach of OPSEC, if you knew the location you would know its the biggest/only building in the general area, can be seen for miles around and for most of the first few herricks you could see into it so shove your stupid ******* big nose up your fat arse, i was interested to know how the location had changed since i had last been there, something any would-be attacker could learn by walking past the front gate rather then trawling through arrse for good Gen. douchebag.
  4. Doll. Apparently it is massively changed since we were last there. I was showing one of my muckers some rooftop photos from H4 and he couldn't even recognise it as the rooftop. Only the hole in the top wall made by the 107 rocket was familiar. There's a pic in soldier mag below but doesn't show much.

    Crap mag
  5. You want to see if they have moved a desk, 2 cm's to the left etc?

    You need to get a life!
  6. Cheers, saw the soldier mag phot and thats what got me wondering in the first place but apparently everything is OPSEC now, really we shouldnt even be talking........
  7. Coming from an RAF storeman that's fucking rich! Please fucking die instantly you mong.
  8. You are a grumpy chod aren't you. I don't care if your Bn lead guided tours of the place, complete with cream teas, posting current photos of the building interior is NOT a good idea. Catch yourself on.

  9. Yes i am actually, theres always one knobhead whos only response is 'i dont care if your unit did this or that'.
    That being the case why bother posting at all?

    Any Mod who felt/feels that my question and anything gleaned as a result of it breaks OPSEC can shut the post, but it really annoys me when some people, namely you, feel the need to stick your nose in something for no reason.