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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Mikal, May 26, 2013.

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  1. I've followed this case with some interest given the comments about parties in the public domain.

    Allowing for the summary from the presiding judge I'm still a bit baffled. I cannot accept this as libel.

    So. Blonde comments about a social media trend due to somebody else's inaccurate reporting and winks when asking why everyone's talking about the wrongly named individual. It comes across to me as a gloat about someone else's predicament rather than a libel.

    So for a hypothetical scenario try this. Baronet of Goodwin Sands (hope no such fella exists) attends church with is son and heir. Both sitting far apart on a pew with no one else on it. Son and heir beside a pillar making him almost invisible to the rest of the congregation. There is a loud and smelly fart during the service which seems to come from the Baronet. Everything tuts and makes comments about the farting behaviour after the service pointing the finger at said Baronet. The next day the son and heir points out 'twas him who did the ghastly deed. The fact hasn't yet reached someone who was talking about it and makes a referring comment about the Baronet, having heard the tale, and wonders out loud in the pub why everyone is talking about the Baronet full well knowing the reason. Is it really libel?

    From where I sit far away from it all I cannot see the difference between the real case and the hypothetical one. I don't think any real wrong was done - just someone taking the pee out of the situation as everything tends to do at some point.

    Perhaps the more learned of you can explain this case to me. It doesn't tie in with what I was taught in years gone by.
  2. Whether or not YOU accept it as libel is neither here nor there chum.

    If you have that much of an issue with the awarded verdict, take out a private prosecution, and let us all know how you get on.

    PS Thanks for your "farting in church" scenario; that added a lot. Honest.

  3. Apples and oranges. Flatulance, while embarrasing, is nothing compared to being linked by innuendo alone to allegations of kiddy-fiddling. If you still have any doubts, give it a go yourself and let us know how you get on.
  4. I scoffed an avocado today. Then I Googled avocado. They're really good for you you know.
  5. You're a Scotsman, Scotsmen don't eat things that are good for them. It was a deep fried avocado wasn't it? :wink:

    PS Check out The Shed, super healthy food!
  6. Deep fried in Extra Virgin Olive Oil I'll have you know.
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  7. I got to the end of the fourth paragraph in the first post, got confused and gave up.

    If in the end the ruling teaches the attention-seeking gobsh*te beeatch to STFU then justice has been done.
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  8. You're not a barrister are you? (Or a judge).

    "It comes across to me as a gloat about someone else's predicament ......" (hint, there you have it...libel, 'cos it wasn't him). Simples.
  9. I don't care if she libelled someone, farted in church or just passed on some gossip. She's a smug, arrogant bitch who has got on to the Z celebrity list on the coat tails of her wimpy husband (they bought personalised number plates B13COW and S88LLY - the height of naffness). Anything that drags the bitch down a peg or two is fine in my book.
  10. Considering the Corporate Lawyers of both the BBC and ITV advised their clients to fall on their swords and cough up, I think you are fighting a losing battle. Bearing in mind, she only tweeted in response to their ultimately very expensive cock up. Because the Judges summing up may have been pants does not mean it isn't libel.

    And, as it her, who really, really gives a flying......
  11. Confused now, are you saying that his son was a kiddy fiddler?
  12. Guilty, naive, stupid be'atch apart, I still would. And I would tweet about it.(if someone shows me how)
  13. Dear God! No! His son farts in church. Keep up FFS.
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