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I'm trying to research someone (deceased) and was hoping for some background information on TACOS etc as at then.

So he commissioned on a SSC in Oct 1988. Am I right in saying back then the commissioning course was two years? Am I also right in saying that had he done the graduate short course, then he would have automatically commissioned on a Regular commission? Ergo 1986 to '88 he was at RMAS?

He promoted to Capt Aug '94, which seems about right for a non-graduate. Does this timeline seem normal for the time?

For some reason, his gazette entry was belated to April '95, which seems unusual to me. Is it possible that his promotion was delayed for some reason and then backdated to the correct date?

He retired from the active list Aug '95, still on a SSC. Back then did SSC work the same way, ie commission for three years and then potentially extend out to eight? Which would mean either my subject didn't want to convert, or couldn't?

I'm trying to find out if my subject might have been a naughty boy/ oddball. Is there anything about this brief synopsis that rings alarm bells?
SPS - I don't know about when the course became one course - a year for all, but it would fit that he was a non-grad and took 6 years to reach Captain.

SSC is 3 years initially, extendable to 8, as you say. He may not have wanted to extend, or may not have been given it. Nowadays (and for the last 12 years or so), it would be unusual to NOT be granted SSC extensions, but IRC conversions are still not automatic. Maybe he didn't want to (job offer or other interests outside) maybe he didn't do his education to qualify, maybe he had a bad OJAR, maybe, maybe, maybe.

The delayed gazette entry may just have been oversight - it is passed from one place to another. Was it his gazette entry for commissioning or promotion to Captain? Or his retirement?

Knowing a bit about where he served to could be helpful.
Gazette entries are often quite late - for example my VRSM was gazetted not only 10 months after I'd qualified but actually after I'd been given it :)

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