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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ghostbuster, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. Are we in Watt a Sham correct in thinking that the Ginger Ninger is soon to return? Moving from being a big fish with the big badge to a small 3 pipped goldfish? Training Officer i think?    :-/
  2. Yes I heard that. Nice to know a good bloke is coming back to the regiment. Pocket full of LOA but I was ok with him last time. ;D
  3. he ain't that bad seen a lot worse about.
  4. Like who? :-/
  5. Just about every REME that got a commission......always amazes me that you can employ somebody as an officer in the corps who has spent the last 22 years ragging it.

    fair play to anyone that gets it from the Corps itself.

    ;) ;D ;)
  6. Crate of beer for that man. Bill it to Corps RSM.....whoops, THE ARMY AIR CORPS SERGEANT MAJOR!
  7. iF YOU GET IT FROM THE CORPS BEIN TRUE BLUE FAIR F**KS TO YER but we generally promote w*****s from another corps talk about stabbin yersell in the back theyve a vast knowledge in the corps i find or B