Recent AAC LE Board Result?

Anybody know who managed to get through the AAC SSC(LE) Commissioning Board from the Corps this year? I understand the results were released today Fri 07 Nov 03.

Does anyone have a list of selectees as I am very interested to see who and from where our next FOB, FARP, TRG, RSO Officers etc etc are coming from this year! :lol:
Without naming names does anyone know how many selectees were from 4 AAC? Or if you really want to impress what the breakdown per cap badge / AAC Regt is.

Kept in the dark me so I don't even know how many were selected this year...rumours say some 11 selectees this year...any truth?

R*b St*k*s, M*z W**d and someone whose nick name is Slimey (apparently). The others were- one from the RTR and a Scaly who i'm sure will provide us with masses af aviation experience -not! :?

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