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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by squidy, May 1, 2012.

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  1. i am being attested tomorrow and would like to know when are you usually issued kit after joining i just want to know how long to expect to turn up in civvies :idea:
  2. You could try the unconventional, and ask at your unit.
  3. lol yes i could but thought i would get a quicker answer off here
  4. Not been here long, then?
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  5. about 20 mins
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  6. You'll learn young man(?), you'll learn.
  7. It doesn't usually take too much longer after that. Though some words of advice, the TA don't isssue you with anything like enough kit, most people have to "aquire" (rob) kit or purchase it at their own expense, that and some of the issue stuff is proper gash.

    It wouldn't hurt to think about sorting yourself out with some stuff just now, it can be bought online very cheap from fleabay, might want to go down the MTP road though seeing as CS95 out in the very near future. Also, proper daysacks and extra webbing pouches are a good idea to have, Webtex do some pretty good stuff at a fair price and it's better than the issue stuff. Being switched on having this stuff from the word go will reflect well on you at the unit as it shows dedication from the start. The TA isn't the drinking club of old, what they want now is switched on cookies who can think for themselves.

    Best of luck with your training.
  8. Pertinent question to the original poster

    Have you been measured for any uniform ?
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  9. Why don't you just turn up in all the gucci kit you've bought from ebay and the local surplus store. Go for the para or sas smocks, they're the best, if they've still got wings on don't worry, the instructors wont care.

  10. I just LOL'd.
  11. You won't get issued anything that is "yours" until your number comes through. Should not take too long.

    Be prepared to face off to a miserable passed over Lance Jack storeman who grudgingly issues every item as if it is his personal property. If you are really lucky you might get the CQMS to chip in and heckle you too.
  12. Thanks for all the tips I get attested tonight an have a few beers in the mess after I haven't been measured up and the QM does seem as everyone describes he is a jock how loves his store everyone in the unit is doing a kit check for the new kit that's coming in hope I don't wait that long cos I am doing my alpha trg in a couple of weeks
  13. One word... Punctuation!
  14. Stores are for storing...if they were for issuing, the building would be called the 'Issues' and the fat knacker inside the 'Issuesman.'

    Seriously, Don't go out and buy tons of stuff yet. What you need at this stage, you will get. It's trivial stuff like trouser twists, a spork, a torch, a penknife, a decent lighter, notebook and pens that you will need. Just remember, if you take it, you'll have to carry it.

    Whatever your role, you will quickly find out what you really need, and then you won't spend your cash on junk. After all, if you spend loads on Gucci kit, then jack the TA in 3 months time, (like many do) it's you who will be out of pocket.

    Oh, and Webtex? Don't touch it. Pick up a copy of Soldier magazine. Look in the back. It's full of things called adverts from better makers.