Receipts required for ALL NS, DS and IE expenditure

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Paymaster, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. So, I hope we have all noticed the change in the new version of the allces JSP. Receipts are now required for all expenditure, including that under £5. No claiming £4.99 for days on end then.
  2. Brilliant. How much will it cost in time and effort for the individual to get and then keep receipts for the necessary period of time, as well as the people who would spend time on auditing these? If the rules stated simply that for an overnight stay you were able to claim £5 incidentals there'd be no fraud, the process would be slicker and the big picture savings would probably outweigh the actual expenditure for the claims issued.
  3. When did this come out and when is it effective from as i am away on Cse at the moment, does this include the upto £5 per day you can claim IE for paper,phone call and laundry.
  4. So receipts for papers and phone calls? Difficult one. Can we claim for the little receipt book that we need to take along to the small vendors?
  5. When is the rule due to change, I haven't heard anything about it and we haven't received an update for our JSP? It strikes me that such a change would be unworkable.
  6. It is the new version 5 of the JSP which is on the interweb. You are not expected to get receipts for newspapers but will have to detail the expenditure, ie Times paper .65p, what you cannot do is just slap in a claim for £5, unless you are in hospital.
  7. Can you self certify that you have incidental expenditure for less than 5 pounds, how are yopu supposed to ask the vending machine for a receipt for your sandwiches?

  8. Incidental expenditure (terminology) covers a 3 minute phone call, laundry and newpaper. To claim up to £5 back if you have been away from your unit you will need to provide a signed statement explaining that you incurred an expense and how much (ie, I spent over £5 daily on phone calls, laundry and newpapers whilst on course......signed). Food expense is covered under day subsistence. Again, if you have not obtained a receipt then you will be required to write a detailed statement of exactly what is was you had each meal and how much. :thumright:
  9. Don't forget that it must be a prepared meal ie sandwich and a drink, not just the drink. Some units have given each sldr/offr a file with plastic inserts to retain said receipts(OK if your budget allows). I know that most soldiers don't bother, so maybe it is a good thing and embraced, as aposed to 'just another thing to muck us about'(quote from sldr in unit).

    How does this compare to the people claiming expenses outside the wire?
  10. Do they need signed statements from at least 5 witnesses who saw you ATTADS purchasing said paper, or making the call ffs. It would be nice if they could sort a system out where you are paid what you are owed on time first before asking for this sh1t.

    Another nail in the coffin
  11. Individuals can still request an advance of travelling expenses before any duty journey, also, with JPA you can request an advance of 100% of your expected travelling fees (within an individuals limit) for authorised Leave journeys, ensuring that individuals are not out of pocket.
  12. You do not need receipts for under £5 for anything. Fact. JSP 752.
  13. Edited to contain right info!

    Not for ds or ie as this can be covered with a statement, as already mentioned you need to self certify that you incurred the cost, ie a statement to the effect that you spent £5 per day on laundry, newspapers and phone call.

    This will clarify:

  14. White Mafia, INCORRECT! Read ver5 on the interweb you do!