Receipt of REME Parchment Warrant.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Alslad, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Well its only been 13 months but it finally arrived, and what a disappointment!! I think my 10 year old could've knocked something better up. What happened to the hand written names and dates? It's just a naff print off (I think the toner is running out too) on yellow paper.

    PANTS! :x
  2. I agree with Alslad, got mine last year and it was pathetic, a photocopied piece of A3 paper. Is it any wonder SNCO's and WO's feel undervalued these days.
  3. My Warrant was signed by "Geoff Buffon", that devalued it straight away.

  4. :D Gave mine to the dog ,he would not chew it it is a joke :D
  5. Is there confusion here between the 'Warrant' (I would say Royal but it isn't as the Sec Of State signs it) that all Army WOs receieve or the framed 22yr certificate that is signed by DEME(A)? :?:
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not Reme I know but I recall our CSM being driven home to his quater as he was minging after receiving his at a mess do in Munster. It was engraved on Glass. Whether the Regt/Bn did this for him or not I couldnt say but it no doubt looked good on his bog wall. Poor sod died an alky on a park bench in Shrewsbury about 10 years later! I wasnt a fan but he deserved better than that!
  7. Sad story :( Let's hope he lagged himself then at least he would've died warm! :lol: :p
  8. 13 Months! How did you get it so quick? Been in post for just over two years and still haven't got it. They must have sent youurs by Red Star :D
  9. 13 months, is that it, been waiting since May 2004, to start with i thought 'OK the longer i wait the more chance that someone worthwhile signs it' but alas to no avail!
  10. The officer's commission scroll comes off the same laser printer at APC Glasgow - so no RHIP there.

    I can only suggest getting a nice frame, and then stick it up in your toilet somewhere.
  11. Boss I have , Doh, sorry civvie now, Line manager I have received his and they had not even spelt (or even got near) his name right. Makes you want to spit and wonder why I will soon be getting a new one. Ask twice write once? Probably not cost effective any send and retire!!
  12. Not got one. Dont want one. Didn't even get a presentation on leaving after 22 years.
    My cycling proficiency certificate from 1979 will do just fine.
  13. Phoned 'em up and asked where it was. This was when I thought it might be worth having. If you are still bothered PM me and I'll send the contact at MCM Div to you. She said there was a back log but would do mine straight away as I had been waiting so long. She must've been pi55ing herself while she pressed print and bunged it in an envelope :roll:
  14. They sent me 2, shortly followed by ANOTHER set of joing instructions for the REME WO Course (a requirement for sub rank before the Warrant is issued).

    So if you get some tipex I have one up for sale!!!
  15. Mine is still in the tube sat on a shelf in my office, some day I'll build myself up to take it home!