Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Is it me? Or were all Reccy-mec drivers hairy-arrsed, smokin, drinkin, Cpl's mess bar-proppin, thighs like tug-boat, Jocks with a big belly mental cases in their mid-to-late-thirties who were the dog's do-dahs when you needed them? Don't want to generalise of course :D

    Only ask because that was how they came accross to moi. The best one I remember was driving our Sqn Cent ARV in Tidworth and he LURVED his vehicle like a woman. Took great pride in it and spent hours polishing the wheel nuts. One night on the plain he was driving accross a road at night with his winky-w@nkey (flashing orange warning light) wasn't winking or w@nking and his eccy Sgt Cmdr was waving a bardic as he crossed. A big blue BMW was barrelling down the road and crashed into the thing without a thought. They got out and did the 999 stuff the civvy was taken out of the vehicle with both legs broken at the pelvis.

    Next day the mec, after driving it back to the hangers, was heard to say "I'm going to have to repaint the wheels cos they're covered in blue paint from that tossers car". What-a-guy!

  2. Stump kicking off another priceless thread to brighten up our dull Sat morning.

    I had a run in with a particularly nasty,verminous Samson arv driver called 'Taff' who was tasked to pull Spartan and me out of trouble,which due to its position of me ramming it nose down in deep mud he had to pull out backwards.
    He attaches ropes,swearing all the time at me,then explains in a singsong voice what he was going to do and what he wanted me to do if I could manage such simple tasks-cnut!
    We get in our own vehicles,start up and with much speed he wrenched Spartan and me clean out of bog,impressed I was,he was not in seconds few as I forgot to brake in time and smashed into the back of his precious arv,took out his poncy bins he'd put on and various other stuff plus my own bins with cooking kit in etc.Recieved a moderate jolt though due to being in reverse on impact-lucky me!! not so Taff as I was priveliged to witness a dancing,fatlipped,bulbous/bloody nosed troll spraying blood and snot at me as he climbed up on my mud covered spart to have a word with me(rimmed his hatch abit)'all right Taff' I asked in all innocence just as he tw*tt*d me,my crew thought it was well deserved and to this day I don't! should've used your a -frame you fat tw*t!!
    So add humourless trolls to list on arv drivers.
  3. Recce mechs i have worked with have always been good blokes that were always up for a piiss up and had some really good genuine banter, I havent really had a good look at any of there arrses so i wouldnt be able to comment on how hairy they were. Cant really remember any jocks either had a couple of skinny scousers though. I wouldnt want to generalise of course.
  4. Rechid-Mechs - salt of the earth for the price of a crate. Hardest working guys on some exercises, laziest bas****s on others. Been on many ARV crews over the years, great times.

    Times have changed though. Nowadays there are the odd one or two who manage to slip through who would have the older guys turning in their graves.

    I remember one crew comd of a Cent ARV towing a Cent AVRE with full width mine plough fitted who forgot how wide the full width kit was. When the wagon stopped at some traffic lights and he checked behind him all he saw was a trail of destruction!!! He had wrecked cars on both sides of the road with the mine plough without even knowing it. A 12ft wide vehicle doesn't fit down a 10ft wide road without doing some self adjustment. The poor guy was mortified, for at least an hour. We had to give him a beer to cheer him up.
    Happy days.
  5. Reccy-mechs, some of the best guys i have ever had the pleasure of working with, hard working and the guys you are glad to see when you have made an arrse of things.
    Scots Dg reccy-mechs on op telic did a fantastic job recovering stranded wagons whilst under fire, in perticular the c/s hit by milan
    And there not all hairy arrsed fat barstewards, GI-Jane in Fally, Stunning bird. she was part of recce-mech for a while. She also had a mate called tyson, both cracking girls and worked every bit as hard as the guys.
    And no iam not a reccy-mech, just a bloke that appreciates the long hours and hard work they have put in to dig me out of somewhere i shouldn't have been
  6. Recce Mechs. The unsung heroes of the REME. I wouldn't argue with one.......not even on the phone from the next Garrison.
  7. I think we need pictures of GI-Jane and Tyson from Fally. Pref covered in OMD80 and holding a wrench.

    Well I do...