Reccy Mechs - Universal Lifting Beam for K60 Lift?

Discussion in 'REME' started by insttech, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Universal Lifting Beam (as found on the Wr512/513) can/could/would be used to lift a K60 power pack? I know there is a specific K60 lifting beam, but if there was only a Universal Lifting Beam available..?
  2. i would have thought that if it was solid enough and you could attach it to the lifting brackets you should be ok.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You could always ring the School, there's usually a knowledgable WO1 WORM there who wil tell you instantly :)

    Just a thought...
  4. Are you sure you are asking for a K60 lift and not the BD Engine? I seem to recall having a go at such a lift many years ago, attaching the red bars from the K60 frame to the chains of the Universal Lifting Beam and a straight chain connection at the rear.
  5. Methinks this could be a WAHH attempt.
    OP from insttech
    then Thread title started with Reccy Mechs.
    VMs use the kit needed to lift packs. The reccy mech operates the crane if it is his vehicle.

    And the ece on the crew gets the brews on and starts cooking corned-beef-cheesy-pom for the workers.
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  6. Really? I've done more crane time on 24C or 24B than most reccy mechs. I will however admit to being completely outclassed when it comes to discussing the finer points of 3:1 compensated pull with 50T rated Chally bollards whilst drinking my own piss.
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  7. yeah it should work, i say should....
  8. Drinking your own pish? Girls stuff, drinking the ratchet-necks pish whilst talking bollocks would be more like my memories of smokers ;-)

    Back to the original question, now that reeks of proper cowboying in my book - I know i was out there with the best (worst) of them in my time

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  9. There is not such thing as "cowboying" in REME, we simply combine initiative with the sound engineering principle of "with enough force it will move". The well chuffed expression on the face of the poor VM B Sgt when I handed back the bent 1000 ft-lb torque wrench proves that. Improvise, Adapt, Bring a bigger graunch bar.
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  10. Universal Lifting Beam?

    For lifting universes? Should work for anything a bit smaller as well then?

    For as that dead greek bloke once said "Give me a place to stand and a big enough lifting bar and I could move the world"

    Or something like that.
  11. I often wondered why it was the reccy mechs that had a spanner named after them. Of course these days whitworth spanners are hardly ever heard of of, let alone the '1/2" Whit' spanner.
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Try a 13mm. And while I'm on, why do the 1/2" / 13mm spanners vanish faster than any other?

    Back on topic... I haven't a Scoobie. I tend to attach some ropes, strops, chains then pull the lever back. If the big thing lifts into the air, tout va bien. If the crane tips I let go of the lever and get a bigger crane. It is not exactly rocket science.
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  13. I don't need to use one at present but if I did it wouldn't be a 13mm as that's nearer to a 1/2AF which is no where near the same size as as a "spanner recovery mechanic" also known as a half whit, that is about 23 ish mm.

    they vanish faster because they're the most used size so they wear out quicker

    actshirley rocket science is remarkably easy, after all the chinese have been doing it centuries and even Major Sharpe used some during the penisinulaurs wars. All yer need is a tube closed at one end, fill it with some kind of fuel and ignite the fuel and there's yer rocket. The difficult part is the ballistics, so perhaps the saying should be ' it's not rocket ballistics'.

    where's me coat?
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  14. did i ever post the pic of the ex foden.........after trying to lift something that should not have been lifted?
  15. improvise adapt and overcome......then get a bigger hammer, thats the real motto of the reme