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Discussion in 'REME' started by Heff30, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. I can't seem to find anything on internet or on here but was wondering if anyone knows anyone or has themselves joined as a Reccy Mechanic but use their SLC's towards a Veichle Mechanic course?

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  2. Why not? If he's joining as a reccy mech he can't be too sharp.
  3. Even a reccy mech can type "recovery mechanic" into google and click on the stuff that comes up lol.
  4. I wouldn't bank on it. One slip of the head-dobber and he's searching for "rdfibrt ,rvjsmoc"
  5. Can you survive on 2 crates of herforder and 6 kebabs a day?? if not you will never be a rechie mech
  6. Cheeky ******.

    rdfibrt ,rvjsmoc. Shit. I see what you mean...
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  7. Clearly you haven't read the question. Where have I said I couldn't find information on Reccy Mechanic? I said I couldn't find information on anyone that is a Reccy Mechanic having done a VM course. The reason behind not joining as a VM is that I don't wish to be in a garage/workshop but having a VM qual as well as being an experienced Reccy Mechanic would help towards getting a job once out.

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  8. I'm not sure what you want then?

    What do you want to do whilst your in the army??

    And Ive never heard of anybody doing a "VM" course with there SLC's, I dont think you can??
  9. And being a recy mech, your still going to be in the workshop.
  10. I want to be a Recovery Mechanic but if I could do some sort of vehicle mechanic course and maybe use some of my spare time mucking in with the VM's I could gain some valuable knowledge that could help me once I come to look for a civi job. If I can't it is no big deal just exploring my options.

  11. It's the whole 'get involved' I want to be just purely involved, I don't want to on some postings be in a garage fixing veichles.

  12. No, I don't think that is all they do ha, but it is part of their job and that is not something I am interested in doing. I live in Whitefield, Manchester.

  13. Every unit i went to had Reccy Mechs sitting in offices or doing other shit and helping out the VM's with cleaning/audits etc as there was never enough recovery tasks to keep them busy all the time. The VM's would fix stuff in the wksp but they also got out and about doing driving jobs. If all you're interested in is being a civvy truck driver or AA/RAC man then you're better off approaching them for a job as you'll also be expected to be a soldier as well.

  14. Yep,in my day the VM's were the Recy Mechs bitches."Oy swap jockey ,get the tea on while I haul this pack out"

    We used to have the VM's ride shotgun on duty recovery so that the skiving gits didn't have to do guard duties,skiving gits. ;-)