Reccy Mech Vs Armourer

Discussion in 'REME' started by thesoontobe, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. As a careeer choice, which is going to offer the better lifestyle, job satisfaction, entertainment etc.

    Any info from either of the above trademen as to what a day to day would involve, i have used the search button and read alot of threads. But i would like info between the 2 jobs
  2. PM sent
  3. Sorry, I thought this was a Fight thread!

    Reccy Mech every time! :D
  4. Eat Recy mech turds Gunfighter
  5. Having been a platoon commander of both, it genuinely is a difficult one to call.

    Armr - Half decent job, on tour constantly IST'd get to work with every piece of kit from 9mm Sig to AS90. Long term if you pass PAAB tiffy route is open to you. Being a reccy mech you follow the artisan route so no PAAB, also in my expierience longer to promote, however when it comes to tour getting stuck in as close to the action as possible ( MCs in REME tend to go to reccy mechs) Day to day i've only seen battalion side of life so wouldn't like to comment on what happens in LAD but for a large proportion of time , especially in run up to ops, guys will find themselves away on trade cses, be that HMG, GMG , Jav. If in barracks, unfortunately there are plenty of shit jobs flying around and you will catch you fair share in the same way the VMs and techs do as well. Then there is the enevitable MATTs etc to contend with.

    If it were me , I had a free choice, no pressures, forget about my commission, only looking at which job I would most enjoy as a Cfn; Reccy Mech every time, simply because of the opportunities afforded to you. Looking at it however with a thinking head on I would go armr for the accelerated promotion and tiffy that is available later on. Bit confussing and no real answer, however some points to think about.

    However to settle it easily enough - do you like warhammer??? - if its a yes then become an armourer.
  6. Unless it's warhammer :p
  7. Armourers eat crackers and cheese and Wretched Mechs eat soggy an Artificer to mention Warhammer :soldier:
  8. I trained as a Royal Armoured Corps Gunfitter, we had our own gun fitters, electricians and vehicle mechs, are these trades still in RAC or are they now REME? :?
  9. In my experience as a tank soldier, reccy mechs are serious drinkers, but I am sure that any reccy mech will also tell you that promotion is really slow, or at least it used to be.
  10. Armrs aren't bad either, I've got the LFTs to prove it :)
  11. Reccy mech every time.No sh!t jobs,they won't know where to look for you for a start.And if they find you tell them you've got to grease the nipples on yer wagon("and fcuk off I'm busy if you can get away with it")
  12. I've out drank many a reccy mech.
  13. Reccy Mech every time. It's Gods Trade (Well it was in my time 1976 - 1989) We Hardly ever got shafted for numpty jobs, No Guard Duties (Unless you were very very naughty at a Lifeguards Regimental Dinner :oops: )

    Obviously no Tiffy Route for promotion but hey, whats wrong with progressing through the ranks anyway?

    S/Sgt was my ceiling rank when I joined but that never put me off, and I left as a Sgt. You can go all the way to WO1 now in the trade, so things have got better.

    Liar :D
  14. For fun and games under the rank of Cpl I would say reccy mech.
    It does pain me, but the do have a better job on ops, they will be out and about while the armourers (as a general rule, I know you can and do volunteer to go out) will be sat in the FOB/ Bastion fixing things.

    However, for career structure armourer wins. (and for porn stashes, knife collection and general geekiness)
  15. Depends on the unit - most Armoured, infantry, Cdo & Para units you get out and about quite a bit. Other units you could be stuck working in camp on your own or as a pooled together in a combined LAD/Workshop, but as there will hopefully be more of your trade group, you might get the chance to escape.