Recce Units in Germany post 2008


Looking at joining up & would like to be stationed in Germany.

Which units are Formation Recce or combined with MBT & are to be in Germany for the long haul?

I understand that a few are coming back in 2008.

First question on Arrse, so many thanks for your response.


QRL are replacing 9/12 in Hohne soon.
I think QDG are returning to UK without replacement when 4 Bde go.
I'm not sure who is doing Recce for 20 Bde though, maybe someone can shed light?
Stll not sure if QDG are coming back to UK in 2008 , the LD's seem to think so .We think we are moving elsewhere in Germany.Maybe able to tell you more next week when QDG get back to work.


So has it been confirmed which FR units are staying in the uk and which are staying in germany etc?


Just found out that the QRL's move which was forecast for July/August 2009 has now moved to 2010.

They will be moving to Hohne and taking over from 9th/12th Royal Lancers


so what is happening with the other regiments what are the light dragoons doing? staying in swanton morley?


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This is great "rumour control" at it's best. No one knows what the hell is going on and who is going where! I love it.
killergibbo said:
where are the 9th/12th lancer's going then for 2007
Back to Warminster/Bovington/Lulworth for re-training :D