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As a result of drunken OC/CO 'pokey-chest' at a mess dinner last night, I've been saddled with making a proposal for a Regimental 'Recce Troop'.

At the moment, all recce tasks are, as per the RE's, sorted by the recce sgt, at troop level. The thinking is that we should have a recce section, each tour, attached to the BG recce assets (armd and inf recce). All divers would be part of this recce tp as well. is a recce tp in a CS regt in the RE formed, manned, trained and deployed? We are mechanized, in LAV Engr vehs, TLAVs (like 432s but with crappy .50 turrets on top), and can have AVLBs/AVRE type vehs for tours.

I'm basically asking for a little light to be shown on how our mother corps does it, having spent my time at Waterbeach I thus have a very faint idea how a CS recce tp works.

Any opsec critical stuff can be PM'd.


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Probably better employed at Formation rather than BG level - BGs recce assets are sufficient for fighting their battles.

link above shows the rough orbat and vehs - recce troops are not that suited to the current operating environment apart from as a pool of manpower and expertise to feed into the Bde Recce Forces.

I wouldn't bother developing the idea - it had its place in the cold war but not any more.
Before I left I was in Recce Troop in 64 Sqn, 28 Amph. We had 4 CVRT's and most exercises we were attached to...(and my memory isnt hot on this one) I think the Hussars. So it was us and their recce element in their Scimitars just doing the normal engr recce stuff.

There were 12 of us in the troop. One troopy, one Staffy, 2 sgts, 4 signallers, and 4 drivers. We didnt have any extra "specialist" training, apart from maybe doing a bit more vehicle and aircraft recognition stuff than others.

Im going back to 96 here so my memory is a bit sketchy but it was a great job.
Many thanks for the replies. Got something drafted so far, but can't see it happening, purely for the fact we can't spare the bods, and an ad hoc recce section per squadron deployment does the trick.
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