recce troop,belize

Discussion in 'RAC' started by masher69, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. How was the troop manned, was it just by FR regts or did all RAC regts chip in??
  2. All RAC regts I imagine, I went twice whilst we were posted to Tidworth,it was the Regt's Recce Troop though.
  3. BAOR based MBT Regiments did not send recce troops to Belize. It was mainly UK based recce regts and maybe the Catterick and Tidworth MBT regts.
  4. recce troop 17/21 lancers went in the early 90's before the almalgamtion with the 16/sh*t lancers, it went down hill from then on!
  5. You are entitled to your views on the amalgamation. I was there during the Independance period 1981 long before they let the 17th/21st Fairy Dancers out of the UK. It was a milk run by the time you lot got there! But Im sure the QRL has benefitted by the amalgamation and have just returned from a successful tour in AFGHANISTAN!
  6. You were shit before amalgamation, and then had to be carried during early days of the QRL. However i digresss it was from UK based Regiments that Belize was supplied.
  7. caught two huge 16/syph on the end of my line!!!
  8. recce troop belize was a fair share between CR and FR i went out once as CR from 17/21L back in 92/93 but we used to swap with the 16/5L , we kept up this swap for two years.
  9. sniper 9 is obviously harbouring a grudge of some sorts, being a former member of the 17/21L and thus far a committed member of the QRL, i do not share that view he has and i did serve in belize, shame some folks cannot see further than there own misguided ego's!!!!!!
  10. misguided no, ego yes!!