Recce Pltn T Shirts, pardon the intrusion please!!

Hi all within these hallowed halls. Please pardon the intrusion from an ex Tankie but I wanted to draw the attention of your Recce guys to my T Shirt design. I didn't know how many of you follow my work on the RAC board so thought I'd give you a bit of a nudge.
For those RayBan wearing Recce chaps amongst you
This shirt is available in White on Dark Green but, if I get enough quick feedback I will consider Brown on Khaki.

All feedback good or bad is appreciated.
The shirt is be priced at £16 incl P&P but, obviously if your currently on Ops in Afghanistan or Iraq it's £14 to those BFPOs as Postage is free.
If you're interested in one please email me at and I'll get back to you. There will be a suitably aggressive Infantry design available shortly. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks guys.
Further to my last
This is the finished article, available from my EBay shop! 10% of all my sales go to either H4H or The Army Benevolent Fund.

Thanks guys.

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