Recce Platoon 7 SCOTS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Any idea if they are trying to (re)form a recce platoon in 7 SCOTS- I hear rumors that spark my interest.

  2. are you ex mercian reg ?
  3. mm call me a stickler for detail but judging by his avatar I would say Royal Irish ?
  4. Yes.........

    who are you ? (PM)
  5. Only 51st Highland? What about 52nd Lowland - will they have a Recce Platoon as well?
  6. not sure...only heard about ours last month..CO says he wants one...Soooo got to happen (not a bad thing) :wink:

    your was in B coy nothing heard down there ?
  7. Mate, it's been so long since I was in, we were called 2/52 Royal Scots and issued with SLR's! 8O :lol:

    I was just curious to hear if my old mob were setting up a Recce Platoon.
  8. 7 SCOTS will be reforming both thier Recce and Sniper Platoons. The Recce element will be based in D Coy, Dumbarton, and the Snipers in C Coy Inverness. TA FAS knocked both of these elements off the 8005 but where theres a will theres a way, the PSIs are course qualified and the kit is available from the regular SCOTS Bns. The ambition will be to grow the capability within a normal rifle platoon.

    On top of this the CO has also been given permission to use the name and identity of the Lovat Scouts. This will in time mean those soldiers who are members of the Bns ISTAR capability will be allowed to wear a flash denoting thier membership of this select group.

    The training will be starting on Ex TRICOLOUR in the South of France this month. Places still available for those keen enough to give it a go. A visit from a member of DInf is planned to demonstrate intent and to start the ball rolling to get this important capabilty back into the Reserves

    6 SCOTS currently have no plans to do the same.
  9. I was always told the closest the TA got to a sniper was a sharpshooter trained on the L96?
  10. Yea,

    I was just wondering if the rumors were true. I'm trying to transfer to 7 Scots sometimes next year and was wondering if i could play a role. Thanks for the info swampmonster.

  11. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Good lad. Welcome on board :D
  12. I've read your and 5into1's reply.

    I remember there was a D Coy in Dumbarton that IIRC was part of 3/51 Highland?

    I'd heard (from Sweatysock a while ago) that the old C Coy, 3/51 A&SH (V) had gone from both Central Ave and Lauriston.

    Has it gone altogether or been given a new designation etc?

  13. Though no plans, and i would imagine no chance, of the old TA Lt Role Recce course starting again.

    So a platoon of a cadre qualified but not course qualified Lt Role Recce soldiers- no Section Commander/Sgts/Pl Commanders qualified to guide, influence the chain of command to insure that they are used correctly.

    A specialist platoon with none of the required equipment on account?

    Going to rely heavy on the personalities of the CO's and QM's methinks and we all know how well the regs seem to get on with each other!

    As for re-introducing capability back into the reserves, only if it can be done with no extra kit, no extra MTDs and no extra training burden.

    Cynical? moi?
  14. Thats a shame!!
  15. Fantastic news. Being on the black economy has its problems, but well done the CO. It's a shame that 6 SCOTS can't do the same.

    A couple of the lads in our Recce Pl did the sharpshooter course, and one got a chance to go and do a Regular sniper concentration - just missed getting his sniper badge, probably through none of us knowing enough to train him properly beforehand.

    The heartbreak came when LOWLAND merged with 3 RHF in the late 1990s. The Recce Pl of the amalgamated battalion was put with B Coy in Ayr, and all of the ex-LOWLAND Recce types couldn't stay in role; the three hour drive each way put paid to that.

    Not, you understand, that they had to lever me out of Recce with a crowbar, oh no.... (the first time I ever carried an SA80 was on my Recce course at Warminster - 2/52 still had SLRs and hadn't converted yet, but I did my WHT and passed, so they let me carry one)