Recce Patrols


In need of some help

after a very basic lesson plan on Recce patrol will be delivering lesson to RLC why, i dont know???? trucks and stores is what we do.

Any help would be welcomed
Maybe if you make it a route clearance patrol you can spend most of the time talking about mines, bottlenecks, bridge and road surface repair, landslides you get the picture. Take a pick and shovel in with you to show them what they might be carrying. If they fall asleep, you have your ammunition to hand...
Have a look at the British Army Electronic Battle Box (BAEBB) on the RLI/DII or CD-ROM. Given that the audience is RLC/Tpt, might either a Clearance Patrol or a Route Recce be more appropriate? While I admit that I'm probably not the best qualified to talk about CSS Org, I don't believe that LSRs or Tpt Regts have Recce Tps.

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