Recce Patrols

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by werespid, May 5, 2011.

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  1. In need of some help

    after a very basic lesson plan on Recce patrol will be delivering lesson to RLC why, i dont know???? trucks and stores is what we do.

    Any help would be welcomed
  2. get yer rubber johnies ready.
  3. Maybe if you make it a route clearance patrol you can spend most of the time talking about mines, bottlenecks, bridge and road surface repair, landslides you get the picture. Take a pick and shovel in with you to show them what they might be carrying. If they fall asleep, you have your ammunition to hand...
  4. thanks for help lesson went ok
  5. Have a look at the British Army Electronic Battle Box (BAEBB) on the RLI/DII or CD-ROM. Given that the audience is RLC/Tpt, might either a Clearance Patrol or a Route Recce be more appropriate? While I admit that I'm probably not the best qualified to talk about CSS Org, I don't believe that LSRs or Tpt Regts have Recce Tps.